CBI Launches eJournal Interfaces: Essays and Reviews in Computing and Culture

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CBI just launched a new electronic journal entitled Interfaces: Essays and Reviews in Computing and Culture. Jeffrey Yost and Amanda Wick are the co-editors. Interfaces publishes short essays and essay reviews in history of computing/IT studies that connect in whole or part to contemporary societal issues—cultural, political, social, economic, environmental. It seeks to be an interface between disciplines, and an interface between academics and broader audiences. It will publish continuously with article publication dates and emails of new content to our email list/contacts. To kick things off, Yost wrote, “Where Dinosaurs Roam and Programmers Play: Reflections on Infrastructure, Maintenance, and Inequality.”

CBI encourages submissions from scholars and others from a wide range disciplines (including but not limited to History, Sociology, Library and Information Science, Communication, Media Studies, Anthropology, Computer Science, HCI, and Geography) connecting to computing and culture, and either fully focused upon, or meaningfully addressing, history or historical contexts. We are especially interested in essays on computing and gender, race, labor, users, identity, privacy, the environment, capitalism, medicine, the sciences, organizations, policy, education/learning, and ethics. To enhance readability and interest all essays must be concise, written to be broadly accessible, and within the targeted range of 1,500 to 3,000 words.

Please find our CFP here. Those interested in submitting an essay for consideration can send it to either Jeff or Amanda, or you can contact us if you want feedback on your idea for an essay.


Jeffrey R. Yost

Amanda Wick

June 2020