Norberg Travel Grant Application process

How to Apply


Due to the on-going pandemic, we are offering the option of applying for either the $1,000 travel stipend or a $400 remote use grant for scans. Please indicate which in your application.

To be eligible, scholars will reside outside the Twin Cities metropolitan region. Applicants should estimate how many days they plan to use CBI collections during their visit (travel should generally be in the calendar year of the award). 

Application Requirements

Applicants should send a 2-page CV as well as a 500-word project description that describes the overall research project, identifies the importance of specific CBI collections, and discusses the projected outcome (journal article, book chapter, museum exhibit, etc.). Applicants are strongly encouraged to examine the extensive on-line finding guides to CBI’s 200-plus archival collections.


  • All application requirements are due by January 15, 2022.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your completed application is received.
  • Notification of awards will be made by mid-February, and travel can commence directly thereafter.
  • Upon receiving an award, recipients will be asked to do a short write-up about their research visit for the CBI Newsletter.

For More Information

  • Refer back to the program details on our website here.
  • Please direct additional questions to Jeffrey Yost, CBI Director.



Application deadline

January 16, 2023