Giving priorities

Unleashing potential

Student support - $90 million

Gifts for scholarships and fellowships will unleash the potential of CSE students, now and for generations to come. Your gifts will create and sustain:

  • Half-tuition scholarships for 415 undergraduates - $60 million
  • Fellowships for 75 graduate students - $30  million

Visit the student support web page.

Creating possibilities

Faculty support - $80 million

Gifts for chairs and professorships will expand our culture of unlimited possibilities, as we continue to invest in top faculty.

Your gifts will create and sustain:

  • 20 new faculty chairs and professorships - $35 million
  • Awards for faculty research - $45 million

Visit the faculty support web page.

Supporting innovation

Facilities and infrastructure - $40 million

Gifts will ensure that our teaching, learning, and research environments foster the highest levels of academics and research discoveries.

Your gifts will create and sustain:

  • Capital projects and educational programs to meet the growing demand for classes in biomedical engineering, industrial and systems engineering, chemistry, and computer science
  • Renovation and expansion of Shepherd Labs, Lind, Smith, Vincent, and Fraser Halls

Visit the facilities and infrastructure web page.

Fueling promise

Outreach initiatives - $25 million

Gifts for outreach will support CSE's promise to inspire today's young people to become tomorrow's scientists and engineers.

Your gifts will create and sustain:

  • High-impact outreach events, including Physics Force and Energy and U
  • Sustained outreach efforts in K-12 schools in the Twin Cities, including targeted math and science programs for parents and children, girls, talented youth, and middle-school students.

Visit the outreach initiatives web page.

Empowering future experts

Experiential learning - $15 milion

Gifts will empower more students with the expertise they need for life after graduation.

Your gifts will create and sustain:

  • Internships, mentorships, and co-ops
  • Student research projects with faculty
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Engagement in dynamic student organizations

Visit the experiential learning web page.