Research Consultation and Support

Provides consulting, shared file storage, and access group management to researchers for convenient access to, and use of, basic workgroup-related IT tools for their projects.

What's Included

  • Support for cloud services
  • Consulting services on hardware, software, and networking to best support your research objectives including:
    • Business analysis and service recommendations
    • Process analysis
    • Technology investigation and advice
  • Shared and secure file storage for research-related data and workgroup documents.
  • AD/Unix group management to ensure research resources are appropriately secured.
  • Research cyberinfrastructure support.
  • Consultation and support for IoT devices (i.e. cameras, sensors, volt meter)

Use Guidance

Use Guidance - Preferred

Given preference, where possible.

Life Cycle Phase

Life Cycle Phase - Available

Currently available for use.


Research Computing Services