45th Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course

Regents Professor David Y. H. Pui held the 45th Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course at the U in August, with 62 registrants from all over the country. Course lecturers included Professors Pui, David Kittelson, and Chris Hogan, as well as former postdocs and Particle Technology Lab managers, amounting to nine internationally renowned experts in the field. The three-day course is a partnership between the College of Science and Engineering and TSI Incorporated, and is administered by the Technological Leadership Institute.

Participants attend lectures, engage in hands-on laboratory experiments, and learn to employ best practices to optimize the latest measurement techniques. They spend three days gaining practical skill training to sample, measure, and characterize airborne particulate matter in a variety of applications. The course is useful for any scientists, engineers, and other technical personnel interested in airborne particle properties. Fields that use this knowledge include: product design, industrial hygiene, air pollution, contamination control, microelectronics, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nanoparticle technology, and more. 

Of the 62 participants in this year's short course, half were from industry and the other half from government positions. Attendees were impressed by the informative lectures, the breadth and depth of information presented, and the theoretical and fundamental descriptions or aerosol science paired with the hands-on labs. "All lectures were excellent!" said one participant. "Thank you, I learned so much."

Pui Short Course attendees
Pui Short Course attendees listen to a lecture
Pui Short Course attendees listen to a lecture