University Research Centers

Research Centers

The Nano Center is housed within the University of Minnesota, a top-tier research university that supports a large number of research centers across all the science and engineering disciplines. Some of these centers that complement the work of the Nano Center include:

The Characterization Facility

The Characterization Facility is the largest and most centralized instrumentation facility for materials research at the University of Minnesota. It offers advanced tools for electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, and atomic force microscopy.

The University Imaging Centers

The University Imaging Centers (UIC) are a network of core facilities for advanced optical imaging and basic electron microscopy, with imaging labs located on both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses.

The Center for Micromagnetics and Information Technologies

The Center for Micromagnetics and Information Technologies (MINT) is a research center associated with the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Chemical Engineering and Material Science. MINT's research focuses on data storage technologies, including magnetic recording, materials, and signal processing for storage.

The Particle Technology Lab

The Particle Technology Laboratory is one of the leading centers of aerosol research in the U.S. It features lab facilities and tools for aerosol particle generation, measurement, sampling, and analysis in the 0.002 to 100 µm diameter range.

Polymer Characterization Facility

The Polymer Characterization Facility offers training and instruments for advanced rheological and thermal measurements of polymers. Facility equipment includes rotational rheometers, extensional rheometers, capillary rheometer, mixers, differential scanning calorimetry, and gel permeation chromatography (polymer molecular weight). 

Coating Process Laboratory

The Coating Process Laboratory (CPFP) is equipped with instruments and high-speed cameras for measuring and visualizing phenomena associated with coating processes. Research in CPFP is designed to educate students, involve industrial partners, and lead to fundamental discoveries important to the coating industry. 

The Institute for Engineering in Medicine

The The Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM) is an interdisciplinary research organization strengthening collaborative efforts between the disciplines of engineering and biomedicine at the University of Minnesota, and fostering collaborations with medical device industry.

Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development

The Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development (ITDD) creates opportunities for drug discovery and early pre-clinical drug development through research collaborations. The institute's cutting-edge scientific facilities and equipment span 20,000 square feet with labs that focus on chemical process development, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, purification, and more.