Working With the Nano Center

To discuss your potential project, contact us at 612-624-8005 or at

  • Do-it-yourself (most popular option) - where you can receive equipment training and carry out your R&D activities independently and on your own schedule. *See instructions below about how to become a new lab member.
  • Assisted project (limited availability) - in which our staff does the work in consultation with you. After your device is designed, MNC staff will fabricate the prototype devices for testing in our "nanomachine shop."  Or, if you would like a mask made by our staff, you learn more about our mask making process.
  • Sponsored research approach - if your project involves more basic research and could benefit by the involvement of University faculty, we can help assemble a project team that includes University faculty and staff.

Becoming a New Lab User

The MNC is an open facility available to a wide range of users, including external academic and industrial researchers.

Once you have completed a basic lab safety training course and are approved to operate individual tools, you may access the MNC facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, subject to any periodic closures of our host buildings.

Follow the steps below to become a new lab user at the Minnesota Nano Center.

Sign up for Tool Training

After you have registered as a Nano Center user, you should request equipment training for the tool(s) you need.

Here is a list of equipment available at the Nano Center: Equipment A-Z. Learn more about equipment in the Equipment Info and SOPs tab under Current Users.