Workshop on Quantum Engineering Infrastructure

Quantum information systems have the potential to profoundly change the way computational problems are solved in the coming decades. However, quantum technology remains in its early development, and requires fundamental research, particularly on fabricating the hardware on which quantum computing will run. The 2021 Workshop on Quantum Engineering Infrastructure (WQEI 1) examined the fabrication infrastructure needs of the quantum community, and how national resources can best be positioned to meet the needs of quantum engineered systems.  

The second Workshop on Quantum Engineering Infrastructure (WQEI 2) will seek to gain additional insight into these questions, and will have 3 main goals: (1) to review the outcomes from the 2021 WQEI 1 and evaluate progress toward the recommendations, (2) to understand how new developments in quantum computing have altered the needs and best practices for quantum fabrication infrastructure, and (3) to provide recommendations for how fabrication facilities in the US can best be utilized to meet the ongoing and emergent needs of quantum engineered systems.

The workshop presenters and attendees will be academic and industry leaders at the cross-over between quantum engineering and nanofabrication, and the presentations will provide overviews of the various aspects of quantum technology. For more information, contact Jordan at or check out the WQEI2 website at!