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Learning about Nano

The Nano Center offers classes, lab tours, and demonstrations that give visiting students the chance to learn more about nanotechnology at a grade-appropriate level.

Programs offered through the Nano Center include:

Cleanroom tours. Students first receive an introduction to how integrated circuit chips are made. They then put on cleanroom gowns and enter our new state-of-the-art cleanroom to learn how to make transistors that are as small as 1/1000th of the thickness of a human hair.

Laboratory tours. Students tour our Bio-Nano labs, and learn how to make and use nanoparticles to deliver drugs to specific tissues and to help image and destroy cancerous tumors.

Hands-on Nanoscience Classes. The Nano Center offers two classes that let students directly experience nanoscience. 

  1. Introduction to Nanotechnology lets students grades 6 to 9 experience the nanoworld with special hands-on activites that highlight how things are very different at the nanoscale.
  2. In the Photolithography class, students in grades 10 and up use the tools of nanotechnology to pattern a silicon wafer, a key step in the process of making computer ships.

For more information, please contact Jim Marti.

These classes on nanotechnology are offered throughout the year. During the summer months, some of the classes are available as part of the University College of Science and Engineering Summer Camp programs. Contact the CSE Outreach Office for a schedule and more details.

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