New Tools Recently Added

New Analytical Tool

The Minnesota Nano Center has added the Beckman Optima analytical ultracentrifuge (AUC), a powerful analytical tool for those working with nanoparticles and macromolecules. Go here for more information.

New Cleanroom Tools

A new reactive ion etcher is being installed in bay 3 of the Keller cleanroom. The Advanced Vacuum Vision 320 mK II RIE etcher is plumbed with the same gases as our existing STS etcher (fluorine based chemistry), and will be used as a general etching tool for a variety of thin film materials, including dielectrics and semi-conductors

A new probe station, generously donated by EverBeing International Corporation, has been installed in Keller Hall Area 3 (1-132). This new probe station greatly enhances our capabilities in DC and low frequency electrical characterization.

New Nanobio Lab Tools

A new Beckman Allegra X-30 benchtop centrifuge has been added to the Bio-Nano lab. This new tool allows users to rapidly concentrate particle dispersions and perform separations of cell cultures. The X-30 is equipped with both fixed-angle and swinging bucket rotors. The latter rotor can accommodate up to 1.6 L of material, while the fixed angle rotor is capable of very high spin speeds and forces (18,000 rpm/29,000g).

A NanoDrop UV-Vis spectrophotometer by Thermo Scientific is the latest addition to the Bio-Nano Lab. The NanoDrop One C is easy use and can quantify DNA, RNA, and protein samples in seconds with only 1-2 µL of sample (a 5 mL cuvette is available for larger samples). Absorbance spectra can also be obtained from liquids, solutions, and suspensions.