Gemini-Huntley Research Laboratory Front Door

Connecting students real-world problems

Housed within the College of Science and Engineering, the Minnesota Robotics Institute connects students with robotics and sensing topics that contain real-world problems, creating an active learning process. We believe that students are able to absorb educational material better when the instructor can provide motivation through several different problems from diverse areas. 

Several diverse areas of interest in robotics include perception, cognition, robot modeling and control, and robot hardware.

Coupling education and research

The Minnesota Robotics Institute promotes excellence in teaching in order to maintain high-quality undergraduate and graduate education, with an objective to provoke and inspire inquiring minds through real-world problems from all the areas of the MnRI.

Looking to expand the program in the coming months—it starts with MnRI using robotics work and research to attract more students to the fields of science and engineering. This means recruiting more students from across gender boundaries and various social and ethnic groups. We enrich the engineering curriculum by expanding it in directions dictated by the various research objectives outlined above.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more details regarding an expanded Minnesota Robotics Institute program.