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Master's in Robotics Overview

MS in Robotics (MSR)

  • An 18- month master’s program teaches the fundamentals of robotics theory and practices through coursework and independent research.


Program Path Structure Duration Focus Project Setting
Plan A Coursework, Final Project 18-24 months

Applied Research, Thesis

Plan B Coursework, Final Project 18 months Capstone Project Industrial, Academic

Hands-On Research

The Minnesota Robotics Institute’s (MnRI) Master of Science in Robotics program equips students to be the next generation of innovators across industry and academia. The program incorporates faculty from diverse disciplines across the University of Minnesota, creating a rich learning and research experience for its robotics students. 

The degree program includes coursework in each of the three key areas of robotics, an extensive selection of electives, and either a final capstone project or a research thesis. 

18 Months to Completion

This program is designed to be completed in 3 semesters. Students begin their program by focusing on coursework and transition to their final project toward the end of the program. 

Students pursuing a research thesis benefit from the large variety of cutting-edge research opportunities available, while students pursuing a capstone project have considerable autonomy over their final project from initial proposal to final publication of results. 

Whether for a research thesis or capstone project, students are supervised by faculty advisors and may work in collaboration with fellow students. 

Multidisciplinary Curriculum

MnRI’s robotics master’s program propels students into exciting careers in research and innovation, from top Universities to established tech companies and new startups. The degree emphasizes hands-on application through research and problem solving as an essential path to attaining mastery of the knowledge learned through coursework. Elective coursework is highly customizable to student and advisor interests.