MnRI is currently waiving GRE requirements for all M.S. in Robotics applicants.


Early Application Deadline: March 15th

Final Application Deadline: May 1st



Admission Requirements

You will need to submit several pieces of information when applying to the M.S program; they are as follows:

  • Degree
    • The Master's in Robotics program is interdisciplinary, and we look forward to accepting various research interests and backgrounds. A bachelor's degree in a robotics-related field is required (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, computer science, aerospace engineering, bioproducts, biosystems engineering, etc.) to ensure that our applicants are ready for the program.
  • Resumé
    • You must upload a current resume or CV to the online application.
  • Personal Statement
    • A short description of research interests and technical background is required in the online application. Please write about why you are interested in this specific program, what you have done so far that would make you a good fit, and how completing the program would align with your future career plans. Be sure to state your top three areas of interest in the robotics research field. 
  • Diversity Statement
    • Supporting the development of a diverse student body is central to the University of Minnesota's mission. This mission is enacted by including academically excellent students with diverse backgrounds and experiences and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Please write a statement that identifies the distinctive characteristics and life experiences, such as successfully overcoming obstacles or hardships, that you would bring to your graduate program and how that could contribute to the education and enhanced perspective of fellow students at the University of Minnesota.
  • Transcripts
    • The online application requires you to submit a scanned, unofficial copy of your transcript from each college or university you have attended. If you are accepted into the M.S. in Robotics program and decide to enroll, you must submit one official copy of each transcript.
  • GRE scores
    • GRE scores are NOT currently required for admission. However, you can still enter your GRE scores in the online application—if you choose, please upload your score report with your transcripts.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • There is no minimum number requirement of Letters of Rec. Ideally, the program would like to see two letters from your teachers or supervisors who are familiar with your work. Only letters submitted from official University/employer e-mail addresses will be considered; letters submitted from personal e-mail addresses (e.g., @gmail) will not be considered.
  • Application Fee
    • The Office of Graduate Admissions charges a one-time fee for the application.

For all information on specifications, visit the UMN Graduate Admissions page and the M.S. in Robotics' How to apply page.


It is each applicant’s responsibility to arrive with, or to acquire rapidly after that, basic understanding (at the level of an introductory undergraduate course) in the following areas:

  • Mathematics: calculus, linear algebra, numerical analysis, probability, differential equations, and statistics
  • Computer Science: programming, data structures, algorithms
  • Physics and Engineering: mechanics, dynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics

Any individual with a basic understanding of the topics above is welcome to apply, regardless of the specific undergraduate degrees or majors.

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International Students

International students must also submit the following:

  • English Language test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.):
    • Non-native English speakers must provide ESL test scores. Enter your scores in the online application and upload your report with your transcripts!

For all information on specifications, visit the UMN Graduate Admissions page and the M.S. in Robotics' How to apply page.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

  • The Office of Graduate Studies sets tuition rates for all graduate programs; see the Graduate School Funding page for information about the financial aspects of a graduate program at the University of Minnesota,  strategic planning, and other economic opportunities.
  • The Minnesota Robotics Institute will offer a top percentage of each cohort full and partial scholarships.
  • Teaching assistantships may be available to qualified applicants
  • Please email if you have further questions about aspects of financing graduate school.

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Questions about Admissions


Nicole Kennedy, MnRI Graduate Program Coordinator 


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