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MnRI addresses COVID-19

Personnel from the College of Science and Engineering and Minnesota Robotics Institute are working on projects involving disinfection research, sanitation, and automation.

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The Minnesota Robotics Institute (MnRI) is an outcome of the University of Minnesota’s Discovery, Research, and InnoVation Economy (MnDRIVE) initiative that brings together interdisciplinary researchers to solve grand challenges and increase Minnesota’s position as a worldwide leader in robotics research and education. MnRI is housed in the world-class Gemini-Huntley Research Laboratory, made possible by a generous gift from Jim & Sharon Weinel and Fred & Siri Oss.


MnRI Spotlight: Derya Aksaray

Dr. Aksaray asks, “How do you achieve an efficient communication between human and robot?” and strives to find the answer.

Read about Derya Aksaray and her team's work in resilient autonomy, safe learning, and aerial robotics in the full MnRI Spotlight article.

Minnesota, at the heart of a growing robotics industry

Minneapolis skyline

From surgical robots to self-driving cars, robotics and computer intelligence are changing our lives at a rapid pace. Minnesota is at the frontier of these challenges with global players such as 3M, Medtronic, Mayo, Honeywell, and Cargill looking for creative ideas and human talent. Partnerships between the Minnesota Robotics Institute and local industry create unique opportunities for education and research that benefits all of society.

MnRI, in the heart of a cutting-edge robotics facility

Our new 20,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art robotics research labs in Shepherd Laboratories includes nine flexible robotics labs and various work spaces for faculty and graduate students—including a two-story drone lab and labs that will provide research space for research on underwater robots. The Gemini-Huntley Robotics Research Laboratory was funded by a $10 million private gift and $2 million from the University's MnDRIVE initiative. 

The people, at the heart of MnRI

Two students with outstretched arms in a research space.
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Eric Miller

The Minnesota Robotics Institute (MnRI) connects faculty and students from across the University of Minnesota with industry professionals. At the heart of MnRI is a core of people—from the most senior faculty to the newest student—who push forward our mission to advance innovation and education in robotics.

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