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nicole kennedy

Nicole Kennedy

Graduate Program Coordinator


Responsibilities: Registrations, General Course Information, Schedules, transcripts, and other activities related to courses and enrollment, Admissions, Incoming students' questions, Periodic Student Progress Check-ins, and Robotics Program Policy.

travis h

Travis Henderson

Graduate Program Advisor


Responsibilities: Course Selection, Plan Type Selection, Faculty Advisor Interactions, Thesis and Capstone, Directed Research Questions, Curricular Practical Training, and Career Prospects.

Program Policies

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Graduate Student Handbook

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We know bias, harassment, and discrimination incidents are rising and impacting students. The Minnesota Robotics Institute stands in solidarity with every community member to stop the hate and condemn racism, xenophobia, and violence. We ask that everyone joins in spreading this message and actively working to fight for equality and justice for all people.

Please see below for ways to get involved and other helpful resources:

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