Automation by Design

Politics, Culture, and Landscape in an Age of Machines That Learn

FOSDIC Census pic
(Pictured above) Tech staff at US Census Bureau, FOSDIC in 1960 (Film Optical Sensing Device for Input to Computers), optical sensing system of microfilm to computer readable magnetic tape designed by US National Bureau of Standards for the Census Bureau. (CC US Gov. U.S. Census Bureau).

Automation by Design is a global, interdisciplinary, virtual CBI symposium on the politics and culture of digital automation, to be held Friday through Saturday, February 17 & 18, 2023. Our program will draw from a broad range of fields across the humanities and social sciences.

The platformization of society, fueled by automation and machine learning, impacts IT users in deleterious, discriminatory, democracy-threatening, and at times deadly, ways that intersect and compound. This symposium will include papers that explore how automation—from its algorithmic and architectural design to its structuring, materiality, maintenance, and use—has developed jointly with social politics.

 Program Committee:

Dr. Jeffrey Yost (@JustCodeCulture), CBI Dir. & Res. Prof., HSTM, Univ. of Minnesota

Dr. Gerardo Con Diaz, Assoc. Prof., STS, Univ. of California, Davis & Stanford Univ. Fellow

Dr. Honghong Tinn, Asst. Prof., HSTM & ECE, Univ. of Minnesota  

Dr. Colette Perold, Asst. Prof., Media Studies, Univ. of Colorado


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Figure sweeping circuit board