History of Computing Reprint Series

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CBI Reprint Series for the History of Computing 

The Reprint series, available through CBI, contains difficult-to-obtain monographs, conference proceedings, manuals, government reports, and books issued in very small circulation numbers remain valuable as historical sources. CBI keeps these works in circulation. Each of the books in the series is beautifully produced, hardbound and printed on acid-free paper, and includes an informative introduction by a leading expert in the field.

Please note, those listed as Out of print may be obtained through the University of Minnesota's inter-library loan system, public libraries or used book sellers. 

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  • Volume 1: The Preparation of Programs for an Electronic Digital Computer by Maurice Wilkes, David Wheeler, and Stanley Gill (1951). New introduction by Martin Campbell-Kelly; 6"x9"; 198 pp.; illus; biblio; bios; index; ISBN 0-262-23118-2, Limited Availability
  • Volume 2: Babbage's Calculating Engines by H. P. Babbage (1889). New introduction by Allan G. Bromley; 8-1/2"x11"; 294pp.; illus; notes; biblio; ISBN 0-263-02200-1; $45.00
  • Volume 3: Handbook of the Napier Tercentenary Celebration or Modern Instruments and Methods of Calculation edited by E. M.Horsburgh (1914). New introduction by M. R. Williams; 8-1/2"x11"; 384 pp.; illus; notes; ISBN 0-262-08141-5; $45.00
  • Volume 4: High Speed Computing Devices by the Staff of Engineering Research Associates (1950). New introduction by Arnold A. Cohen; 6"x9"; 493 pp.; illus; biblio; bios; index; ISBN0-262-08152-0; $50.00
  • Volume 5: Punched Card Methods in Scientific Computation by W.J. Eckert (1940). New introduction by J.C. McPherson; 6"x9";160 pp.; ISBN 0-262-05030-7; $27.50 Out of print
  • Volume 6: Calculating Instruments and Machines by Douglas R. Hartree (1949). New introduction by Maurice Wilkes; 6"x9"; 200 pp.; ISBN 0-262-08147-4; $32.50 Out of print
  • Volume 7: Proceedings of a Symposium on Large-Scale Digital Calculating Machinery by the Harvard Computation Laboratory(1947). New introduction by William Aspray; 7-1/2"x10-1/4"; 340 pp.; ISBN 0-262-08152-0; $45.00 Out of print
  • Volume 8: A Manual of Operation for the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator by the Harvard Computation Laboratory(1946). New introduction by I. Bernard Cohen; 7-3/4"x10-1/4"; 585 pp.; biblio, index; ISBN 0-262-01084-4; $60.00 Out of print
  • Volume 9: The Moore School Lectures edited by Martin Campbell-Kelly and Michael R. Williams (1946). 6"x9"; 568 pp; illus; bios; index; ISBN 0-262-03109-4; $60.00 Out of print
  • Volume 10: A. M. Turing's ACE Report of 1946 and Other Papers edited by B.E. Carpenter and R.W. Doran (1945). 6"x9";125 pp; illus; notes; ISBN 0-262-03114-0; $27.50 Out of print
  • Volume 11: Le Calcul Simplifié: Graphical and Mechanical Methods for Simplifying Calculation by Maurice d'Ocagne. Translation and introduction by J. Howlett and M. R. Williams (1928). 6"x9"; 192 pp.; biblio, index; ISBN 0-262-15032-8; $35.00 Out of print
  • Volume 12: Papers of John von Neumann on Computers and Computer Theory by John von Neumann; introduction by William Aspray and Arthur W. Burks (1987). 6"x 9"; 640 pp.; biblio; ISBN 0-262-22030-X; $65.00 Out of print
  • Volume 13: Memoir of the Life and Labours of the Late Charles Babbage ESQ F.R.S. by H. W. Buxton; introduction by Anthony Hyman (1988). 6"x9"; 401 pp; illus.; notes; index; ISBN 0-262-02269-9; $55.00 Out of print
  • Volume 14: The Early British Computer Conferences edited and introduction by Michael R. Williams and Martin Campbell-Kelly (1989). 8-3/4"x11-1/2"; 550 pp; illus. index; ISBN 0-262-23136-0; $65.00 Out of print
  • Volume 15: Rabdology, by John Napier; translated by William Frank Richardson; introduction by Robin E. Rider (1990). 6"x9"; 135 pp; illus.; notes; ISBN 0-262-14046-2; $40.00 Out of print
  • Volume 16: The Calculating Machines (Die Rechenmaschinen): Their History and Development (1925) by Ernst Martin; translated and edited by Peggy Aldrich Kidwell and Michael R. Williams (1992). 6"x9"; 412 pp; illus.; index; ISBN 0-262-13278-8; $50.00 Out of print
  • History of Binary and Other Nondecimal Numeration by Anton Glaser (1981). 6"x9"; 218 pp; illus.; index; ISBN 0-938228-00-5; $35.00