New CBI website launched in late January

The Charles Babbage Institute (CBI) is thrilled to announce that our new website launched on January 28. The site, built in a much more user-friendly layout, allows for increased accessibility and improves the overall user experience for our visitors.

Because of CBI’s unique position being part of both the University Libraries and the College of Science and Engineering, we have worked closely with our colleagues from each group to build a site that meets the needs of those using the website.

Knowing that the majority of users come to our website to search our Archives, Oral Histories and Special Collections, we have pages dedicated to each that will quickly guide users to the information they seek.

We also welcome visitors to check out our updated newsletter, Bits & Bytes, along with our e-journal, Interfaces, which launched last summer.

In addition to our new look, we also have a new website address. The original address will still get you to our new site, but you be able to access the Institute's content at

If you have any questions/feedback regarding the new website, or if you are unable to find any specific information, please contact us at

Melissa J. Dargay


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One of the earliest versions of the CBI home page.
One of the earliest versions of the CBI home page (ca. 1990s.)


RIP CBI site
The CBI website homepage circa mid-2000s until early 2021.