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Yost Serves on NAE’s Extraordinary Engineering Impacts on Society Symposium & Book Project

The National Academy of Engineering’s Symposium on Extraordinary Engineering Impacts on Society was held on August 18 and 19, 2022. It was a virtual event. The symposium and the National Academy Press book of the same name were/are the work of a NAE Committee that CBI Director Jeffrey Yost has had the pleasure of serving on the past year and will continue to until completion of its work in 2023/2024. The committee has been holding many multi-hour meetings to plan the event over the past year, and with the successful event in the rear view, it be focusing on the book project and will be meeting in California in person in January 2023 to begin outlining it.

The event opened with a welcome from Dr. John L. Anderson, President of the National Academy of Engineering. This was followed by Committee Chair, New Mexico St. University Chancellor Dan Arvizu’s overview for the event and a bit of background on the committee’s past and ongoing work.

Yost Served as moderator for the first session that had talks by MIT’s William Boone Bonvillian and Stony Brook’s Thomas Woodson. This was followed by about an hour-long panel discussion by the three as Yost posed questions and drew on some from the audience of about 560. The NAE will be producing video educational program modules from the event. The first session involved considerable discussion of digital technology and diversity, equity, and inclusion as this topic was addressed in both Bonvillian and especially Woodson’s talk and is a major research area of both Woodson and Yost. The four sessions of the symposium (which also included a handful of “Leadoff Speakers,” papers, and panel discussions) were:

  • Session One: NSF and Its Role in Fostering Extraordinary Engineering Impacts on Society.
  • Session Two: People Who Bring About Extraordinary Engineering Impacts on Society
  • Session Three: NSF Centers That Catalyze Extraordinary Engineering Impacts on Society
  • Session Four: NSF Processes That Foster Extraordinary Engineering Impacts on Society

The NAE EEIS Committee:

  • Chair Chancellor and Prof. Dan E. Arvizu
  • Prof. Lynn A. Conway
  • Dr. Edward H. Frank
  • Dr. Selda Gunsel
  • Prof. William S. Hammack
  • Dir. Eboney Hearn
  • Dir. and Prof. and Dir. Laura Lindenfeld
  • Vice President and Prof. Theresa Maldonado
  • Dean and Prof. Louis A Martin-Vega
  • Prof. Lu Tao
  • Prof. Jimmy Williams
  • Dir. and Prof. Jeffrey R. Yost.

Facilitator for the NAE Prog. Dir. and Sr. Scholar Dr. David Butler



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