Mona Sloane, Senior Research Scientist, Center for Responsible AI, Tandon School of Engineering, New York Univ. "Automation and Recruiting: Understanding the Intersection of Algorithmic Systems and Professional Discretion."

Jess Dillard-Wright, Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst & Rae Walker, Associate Professor and PhD in Nursing Program Director, College of Nursing, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst. "Automating Nursing? Care, Capitalism, and Technochauvinism."

Jason Ludwig, ​PhD candidate, Science and Technology Studies, Cornell. "Upgrade and Obsolescence: Race, Automation, and the Intermingled Revolutions of the Postwar United States."


Elizabeth Calhoun, PhD Candidate, Geography at UMN, "Mapping the Future: The Political Resignification of ‘Environments’ in Predictive Risk Terrain Modeling."

Stacy E. Wood, Director of Research, UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry.  "Evidence, Expertise and Automation in Forensic Reconstruction."

Caitlin Burke, PhD student, Department of Communication, Stanford Univ., "Dark Patterns and the Question of Negligence."


Maaz Gardezi, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Fernanda R. Rosa, Assistant Professor, Department of Science, Technology, and Society, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Ryan Stock, Assistant Professor, Department of Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences & Edward Prutzer, Post doc, Department of Sociology, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg. "Toward Design Justice in Precision Agriculture: Platforms, biases, and affordances."

Megan Wiessner, PhD Candidate, Media, Culture, and Communication New York Univ. "Placing Automation: Scenes from Cognitive and Industrial Automation in the Contemporary Pacific Northwest."

Helen A. Hayes, Ph.D. Candidate, Communication Studies, McGill Univ. "Earth-System Interactions and the Automation of Climate Forecasting."

Yandong Li, PhD Candidate, Cinema and Media Studies, Univ.  of Washington. "A Cultural History of Acoustic Control."


Snigdha Kumar, Instructor, Department of Sociology, UMN. "In the Name of Financial Inclusion: Institutions, Infrastructure, and Ideologies Driving India’s Platformization of Finance."

Christos Karampatsos, Post doc, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, National and Kapodistrian Univ. of Athens & Polyxeni Malisova, PhD Candidate, Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science, National and Kapodistrian Univ. of Athens (NKUA). "Machinery of ethnic cleansing: Population censuses and punched card machines in Greece (1920-1928)."



Opening Keynote (9-10:10am) 

Chair: Jeffrey Yost, Charles Babbage Institute (CBI) and History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Minnesota

Eliza Pertigkiozoglou, Ph.D. Candidate, Architecture, McGill Univ. "Programmed Collaboration: Software for Building Design in the UK, 1969-1979."

Yoehan Oh, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. "(INTER)FACE-LESS: A study of automatic instrumentation for distributed tracing toward a geopolitical studies of largescale computing."


David E. Dunning, Post doc, Univ.  of Oxford. "Autocoding at Work: Designing Language, Specifying Labor."

Michele H. Jackson, Professor, Michigan State Univ. College of Communication, Arts and Sciences. "Visions of Automated Group Members and Teammates."

LaRisa Anderson, PhD Student, Hussman School of Journalism and Media, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "Religion, Relation, and Society: A Textual Analysis of an Open Coding Platform."

Hyo Jung Kim, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, New York Univ. "Disassembling Ecologies of Automation, from the First Smart City of Vietnam."


Closing Keynote (1:15-2:15pm)

Chair: Gerardo Con Diaz, Science and Technology Studies, University of California, Davis

Dan Bouk, Associate Professor of History Chair, Department of History Colgate University. "Should the Data Decide?: How Histories of Automation in the US Census Speak to Challenges Today."