Leica UC6+FC6 Cryo Microtome

The Leica EM FC6 is a state-of-the-art cryo-microtome system specifically designed for routine ultrathin frozen sectioning when coupled to the UC6 ultramicrotome.  A cryo-chamber surrounding the sectioning area is cooled continuously by liquid nitrogen pumped from a Dewar flask.  The automatic pumping system ensures a stable low temperature environment around the frozen specimen.  The temperature of the knife, specimen, and cryo-chamber atmosphere can be individually controlled and then continuously regulated by the cryo control unit, which also regulates the liquid nitrogen pumping system.  At any time during sectioning, the operator can monitor these temperatures on the display.


  • Polymer sections for TEM, SEM, AFM, Raman and LM
  • Biological specimens
  • Materials science specimens

Ultramicrotomy Services

Ultrathin sectioning (using diamond knife) and subsequent staining of embedded biological specimens, and preparing formvar support films, is available on a fee for service basis.  Diamond knives and other specialized tools and equipment ARE NOT provided by the NHH facility for use by others.