Nicholas Seaton

Nick Seaton sitting, posing next to microscope

Nicholas Seaton

SEM (EDS/EBSD) Specialist, Industrial Tours, SEM (EDS/EBSD), FIB


Shepherd Labs
Room 53
100 Union St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455


MESci (Geology) in 2002 and PhD in 2007 from Liverpool University.

Thesis topic “Mechanism of Nucleation During Recrystallization in Ti-SULC Steel”. This work involved the use of custom built EBSD SEM from Camscan and a heating stage.

Professional Background

2007-2011: University of Minnesota, Postdoc shared between the Department of Earth and Environmental Science and the Characterization Facility.

2011 onwards: SEM specialist, Characterization Facility. Acquired in 2017 a FEI Helios G4 UX FIB/SEM.

Started doing EBSD during his MESci in the year 2001 and has  20 years of experience running SEMs and EBSD.