Purchasing Tools

CSE-IT provides and maintains software to assist departments in streamlining their purchasing processes. These tools provide additional features to enhance University-level processes and tools.

What’s Included

  • Support and maintenance for purchasing workflow tools (known as ePurch or the CEMS Purchasing Tool) and the associated intranet applications.
  • Support and maintenance for the Chart of Accounts application, which is used to support the purchasing tool.
  • Support for units outside the College of Science and Engineering will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis

What’s Not Included

  • [Coming Soon] New feature development for these tools
  • Departments are responsible for establishing and documenting their purchasing processes

What You Need to Do

  • For issues with the purchasing tool or chart of accounts, contact csehelp@umn.edu

Use Guidance

Use Guidance - Preferred

Given preference, where possible.

Life Cycle Phase

Life Cycle Phase - Available

Currently available for use.


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