Physics of the Intracluster Medium: Theory and Computation

Physics of the Intracluster Medium: Theory and Computation (ICM 2016)

ICM 2016 Sponsors

We are very pleased to announce the 4th "Physics of the Intracluster Medium: Theory and Computation" workshop hosted by the William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and co-sponsored by the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics in Ann Arbor and the Niels Bohr International Academy in Copenhagen.

Organizing Committee

Gus Evrard, University of Michigan

Tom Jones, University of Minnesota

Martin Pessah, Niels Bohr Institute

Yong-Zhong Qian, University of Minnesota

Mateusz Ruszkowski, University of Michigan


Annalisa Bonafede (University of Hamburg);   Marcus Bruggen (University of Hamburg);   Gianfranco Brunetti (IRA-INAF, Bologna);   Megan Donahue (Michigan State University);   Julius Donnert (University of Minnesota);   Sebastian Heinz (University of Wisconsin);   Hyesung Kang (Pusan National University);   Matthew Kunz (Princeton University);   Alex Lazarian (University of Wisconsin, Madison);   Dongwook Lee (University of California, Santa Cruz);   Hui Li (Los Alamos National Laboratory);   Yuan Li (Columbia University);   Mike McCourt (University of California, Santa Barbara);   Brian McNamara (University of Waterloo);   Daisuke Nagai (Yale University);   Paul Nulsen (Center for Astrophysics, Harvard-Smithonian);   Peng Oh (University of California, Santa Barbara);   Brian O'Shea (Michigan State University);   Martin Pessah (Niels Bohr Institute);   Christph Pfrommer (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies);   Elena Rasia (University of Michigan);   Elke Roediger (University of Hull);   Mateusz Ruszkowski (University of Michigan);   Dongsu Ryu (Ulsan National Institute of Technology);   Evan Scannapieco (Arizona State University);   Prateek Sharma (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore);   Aurora Simionescu (ISAS - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agengy);   Franco Vazza (University of Hamburg);   Mark Voit (Michigan State University);   Norbert Werner (Stanford University);   Karen Yang (University of Maryland);   Irina Zhuravleva (Stanford University);   John ZuHone (Massachusetts Institute of Technology);   Ellen Zweibel (University of Wisconsin, Madison)


West Bank Office Building

Room 142

Monday, August 22, 2016

8:45 am:      Registration Opens

8:55 am: Tom Jones (University of Minnesota): Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:00 am: Daisuke Nagai (Yale University): New Kid on the Block: Kinematic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect 

9:25 am: Matthew Kunz (Princeton University): Viscosity, Conduction, Convection, and Dynamo in a Weakly Collisional Magnetized Plasma

9:50 am: Dongwook Lee (University of California, Santa Cruz): New High-order Methods using Gaussian Processes for CFD

10:15 am:     Coffee Break

10:35 am: Meghan Donahue (Michigan State University): Rest-Frame UV Spectroscopy of Hot Gas in the Centers of Cool Core Brightest Cluster Galaxies

11:00 am: Sebastian Heinz (University of Wisconsin): Cluster Kinematics in the post-Hitomi Era

11:25 am:     Poster Abstracts: Nine abstracts @ 5 minutes each

12:10 pm:      Discussion Session I

12:30 pm:      Lunch Break - On your own

2:00 pm: Elke Roediger (University of Hull): Fluid Dynamics in the ICM

2:25 pm: John ZuHone (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Simulating the ICM as Seen Through the Next Generation of X-ray Telescopes

2:50 pm: Norbert Werner (Stanford University): Deep Chandra Observations as Probes of Detailed ICM Physics

3:15 pm:      Coffee Break

3:35 pm: Irina Zhuravleva (Stanford University): Microphysics of ICM from X-ray Images: Effective Equation of State, Turbulence, Heating

4:00 pm: Aurora Simionescu (ISAS - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency): Witnessing the Growth of the Nearest Galaxy Cluster

4:40 pm: Hitomi Collaboration: High-resolution Micro-calorimeter X-ray Spectroscopy of the Core of the Perseus Cluster of Galaxies

4:50 pm:      Discussion Session II

Workshop Ends for the Day

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

9:00 am: Annalisa Bonafede (University of Hamburg): Insights on Non-thermal Phenomena in the ICM from Radio Observations

9:25 am: Marcus Bruggen (University of Hamburg): Merging Clusters as Physics Laboratories - First Results from LOFAR

9:50 am: Gianfranco Brunetti (IRA-INAF, Bologna): The Challenge of Turbulence in Galaxy Clusters: Physics and Particle Acceleration

10:00 am:     Coffee Break

10:35 am: Peng Oh (University of California, Santa Barbara): The Role of Turbulence in Accelerating Cosmic Rays and Amplifying B-fields in the ICM

11:00 am: Ellen Zweibel (University of Wisconsin, Madison): Cosmic Ray Propagation in High Beta Plasmas

11:25 am: Alex Lazarian (University of Wisconsin, Madison): Superdiffusion and Streaming and Acceleration of Cosmic Rays

11:50 am:      Discussion Session I

12:20 pm:      Lunch Break - On your own

2:00 pm: Christoph Pfrommer (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies): Is Cosmic Ray Heating Relevant in Cool Core Clusters?

2:25 pm: Mateusz Ruszkowski (University of Michigan): Role of Cosmic Ray Heating in the ICM

2:50 pm: Dongsu Ryu (Ulsan National Institute of Technology): Shock Waves in the Outskirt of Galaxy Clusters

3:15 pm:      Coffee Break

3:35 pm: Franco Vassa (University of Hamburg): Cluster Outskirts as a Gateway to the Physics of Particle Acceleration and Magnetogenesis

4:00 pm: Hyesung Kang (Pusan National University): Re-acceleration Model for Radio Relics in Galaxy Clusters

4:25 pm: Julius Donnert (University of Minnesota): New Models of the Sausage Relic

4:50 pm:      Discussion Session II

Workshop Ends for the Day

Banquet for workshop participants at Vic's

6:30 pm:      Reception

7:15 pm:      Buffet Dinner

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

8:45 am: Mike McCourt (University of California, Santa Barbara): Shattering Cold Gas into Tiny Cloudlets

9:00 am: Evan Scannapieco (Arizona State University): Metal Mixing in the Presence of a Magnetic Field

9:00 am: Martin Pessah (Niels Bohr Institute): On Helium Mixing in Quasi-global Simulations of the Intra-Cluster Medium

10:00 am:     Coffee Break

10:20 am: Hui Li (Los Alamos National Laboratory): Jet-Lobe Morphology Under the Cluster Weather: Inferences on ICM Dynamics and Jet Composition

10:45 am: Elena Rasia (University of Michigan): Properties of the ICM of Galaxy Cluster from Hydrodynamical Simulations with AGN Feedback

11:10 am: Karen Yang (University of Maryland): How AGN Jets Heat the Intracluster Medium - Insights from Simulations

11:35 am:      Discussion Session I

12:05 pm:      Lunch Break - On your own

1:35 pm: Yuan Li (Columbia University): Heating in Simulated Galaxy Clusters with Momentum-Driven AGN Feedback

2:00 pm: Brian McNamara (University of Waterloo): Thermal Instability in Low Entropy Gas Lifted Behind Buoyantly-Rising X-ray Bubbles

2:25 pm: Paul Nulsen (Center for Astrophysics, Harvard-Smithsonian): Nonlinear Thermal Instability in the Radio Mode Feedback Cycle

2:50 pm:      Coffee Break

3:10 pm: Brian O'Shea (Michigan State University): Triggering and Delivery Methods for AGN Feedback

3:35 pm: Mark Voit (Michigan State University): The Black-Hole Feedback Valve

4:00 pm: Prateek Sharma (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore): Simulations of AGN Jet Feedback in Galaxy Clusters: Heating and Cooling Cycles

4:25 pm:     Discussion Session II

Workshop Ends

Thank you for Participating



Suoqing Ji;   Tom Jones;   Dongsu Ryu;   Hyesung Kang;   Julius Donnert;   Brian McNamara;   Dongwook Lee;   Prateek Sharma;   S. Peng Oh;   Matthew Kunz;   Irina Zhuravleva;   Yong-Zhong Qian;   Paul Nulsen;   Philipp Grete;   Martin Pessah;   Thomas Berlok;   Brian O'Shea;   Michael McCourt;   Marcus Brüggen;   Elke Roediger;   Camille Avestruz;   Daisuke Nagai;   Christoph Pfrommer;   Norbert Werner;   Aurora Simionescu;   Hsiang-Yi Karen Yang;   Gareth Roberg-Clark;   Mark Voit;   August Evrard;   Yuan Li;   Ellen Zweibel;   Hui Li;   Gianfranco Brunetti;   Elena Rasia;   Franco Vazza;   Annalisa Bonafede;   John ZuHone;   Sevbastian Heinz;   Gandhari Wattal;   Evan Scannapieco;   Yi-Hao Chen;   Megan Donahue;   Qian Wang;   Mateusz Ruszkowski;   Shaul Hanany;   Lawrence Rudnick;   Liliya Williams;   Chris Nolting;   Michael Rutkowski;   Zewei Xiong;   Brian O'Neill;   Mehdi;   Lamee Alex Lazarian;   Peter Mendygral


Talk given at ICM 2016

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