XMM Newton Space Telescope rendering

Excess X-rays from Neutron Stars Could Lead to Discovery of New Particle

January 15, 2021
After observing an excess of x-rays from neutron stars, a team of researchers found that the anomaly may have been caused by axions, hypothetical particles that could help scientists solve several
Gloria Becker Lubkin

FTPI Oversight Committee Member Gloria Becker Lubkin

January 30, 2020
We regret to inform you that Gloria Becker Lubkin, a driving force behind FTPI's inception, has passed away.
Nobel laureate Klaus von Klitzing

CANCELLED- 2020 Misel Family Public Lecture

November 6, 2019
Professor Charles Marcus

2019 Misel Family Public Lecture

September 16, 2019
Did you miss the lecture? Check out the recording on YouTube. Professor Charles Marcus, from the Center for Quantum Devices, the Niels Bohr Institute, and the Microsoft Quantum Lab in Copenhagen,
Boris Shklovskii

Boris Shklovskii Awarded 2019 APS Buckley Prize

June 2, 2019
FTPI Professor Boris Shklovskii was jointly awarded the 2019 Oliver E. Buckley Condensed Matter Prize with Elihu Abrahams and Alexei Efros by the American Physical Society
Shifman headshot photo

Misha Shifman elected to the National Academy of Sciences

May 1, 2019
FTPI Professor Misha Shifman was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in May 2019. Membership in the Academy is one of the highest honors given to an engineer or scientist.
2018 John Bardeen Prize winners

Andrey Chubukov Awarded 2018 Bardeen Prize

August 3, 2018
In August of 2018, FTPI Professor Andrey Chubukov was awarded the John Bardeen Prize for "Seminal contributions to the theory of unconventional superconducivity, including applications to the
Keith Olive accepting the Hans A. Bethe award

Keith Olive Awarded the Hans A. Bethe Prize

April 3, 2018
In April of 2018, FTPI Director Keith Olive was awarded the Hans A. Bethe Prize from the American Physical Society. The Hans A. Bethe prize is presented annually by the American Physical Society for