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William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute

About FTPI

The William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute (FTPI) was established in 1987 as part of the School of Physics and Astronomy, with the explicit goal of conducting research in theoretical physics at a world-class level. The most important charge of FTPI is to produce sound, significant and exciting theoretical physics that will have an impact on the school, the College of Science and Engineering, the University and the broader physics community.

The Institute hosts a prominent visiting scholar program, workshops, seminars, and a highly regarded public lecture series. Through these outreach programs, the Institute serves to advance theoretical physics, further connections with other scientific research disciplines, industrial research initiatives, and academic sectors. In addition to its noteworthy contributions to academia, the Institute provides a forum in which prominent theorists from around the globe educate, collaborate, and collectively pursue novel solutions to fundamental questions in theoretical physics. The work of the Institute facilitates the mission of the University by enriching the people of the state, the nation, and the world through its Research, Teaching, and Outreach programs.


Sep 21 Wed 7:00pm


Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics

ICTP/Strongly Correlated Matter: from Quantum Criticality to Flat Bands

July 28, 2022
FTPI is co-hosting a workshop with ICTP in Trieste, Italy from August 22 - September 2, 2022. The workshop will be looking into strongly correlated matter physics.
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2022 Misel Family Lecture

July 1, 2022
The William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute is proud to host the 15th Annual Misel Family Lecture. This lecture is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Questions? Please contact us at or
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Larkin Award Call for Nominations

May 15, 2022
The William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute (FTPI) at the University of Minnesota is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the inaugural Larkin Award in Theoretical Physics 2022.

Upcoming Workshops

To learn more about our workshops and how to participate see our workshop webpage.
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