Recorded Seminars

Below are recordings of some of the seminars hosted by FTPI. Also listed are FTPI faculty interviews and seminars at other institutions where permissions allow.

Cristina Mondino delivering the High Energy Seminar
Photo credit
Misha Shifman

FTPI Hosted Seminars

Theoretical Challenge in Modern Neutrino Experiments title slide

Shirley Li, SLAC, "Theoretical Challenge in Modern Neutrino Experiments"

Zoom Recording

Raymond Co - New Roles of the QCD Axion in Dark Matter and Baryogenesis

Raymond Co, University of Minnesota, "New Roles of the QCD Axion in Dark Matter and Baryogenesis"

Zoom Recording

John Donaghue - Cutoffs and Gravity

John Donaghue, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, "Cutoffs and Gravity"

Zoom Recording

Flavor Violating Axions by Jure Zupan

Jure Zupan, University of Cincinnati, "Flavor Violating Axions"

Zoom Recording

Vector dominance, one flavored baryons, and QCD domain walls

Avner Karasik, Cambridge University, "Vector dominance, one flavored baryons, and QCD domain walls"

Zoom Recording

Heavy Neutrinos and Where to Find Them

Kevin Kelly, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, "Heavy Neutrinos and Where to Find Them"

Zoom Recording

Signals of the QCD axion with mass of 17 MeV

Daniele Spier Moreira Alves, Los Alamos National Laboratory, "Signals of the QCD axion with mass of 17 MeV"

Zoom Recording

Spectra for Heavy Dark Matter

Nicholas Rodd, University of California, Berkeley, "Spectra for Heavy Dark Matter"

Zoom Recording

Zhong HE Seminar

 Yi-Ming Zhong, KICP, University of Chicago, "A New Mask for An Old Suspect"

Zoom Recording

Patrick Draper HE Seminar

 Patrick Draper, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, "de Sitter Decays to Infinity"

Zoom Recording

Hufnagel HE Seminar

 Marco Hufnagel, DESY, "Updated BBN constraints on electromagnetic decays of MeV-scale particles"

Zoom Recording

Shkerin HE seminar on Dark Matter

 Andrey Shkerin, FTPI, University of Minnesota, "Inflation and Dark Matter Production in Einstein-Cartan Gravity"

Zoom Recording

Bonnefoy HE Seminar Slide

 Quentin Bonnefoy, DESY, "EFTs and Anomalies Revisited: SMEFT Sum-rules and Axion Couplings"

Zoom Recording


FTPI Faculty Interviews and Seminars

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FTPI Professor Keith Olive was interviewed on the podcast, Scientific Sense on Oct. 6th, 2020. Listen to his interview now.