Recent Graduates

ImageNameGraduatedDissertationAdvisorCurrent Affiliation
Yi Huang
Yi Huang2023Disorder Effects in Quantum MaterialsBoris ShklovskiiUniversity of Maryland
Yevhen Kurianovych
Evgeny Kurianovych2023 Mikhail "Misha" ShifmanUniversity of Minnesota
Dan Phan
Dan Phan2023Superconductivity Away From the High-Density LimitAndrey ChubukovRincon Research Corporation
Dmitry Chichinadze
Dmitry Chichinadze2022Itinerant fermion approach to correlated physics of twisted bilayer grapheneAndrey ChubukovNational High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Daniel Schubring
Daniel Schubring2022Classical and quantum aspects of non-linear sigma models with a squashed sphere target spaceMikhail "Misha" ShifmanCUNY
Sarunas Verner
Sarunas Verner2022No-scale Supergravity, Inflation, and Dark MatterKeith OliveUniversity of Florida
Hsiu-Chung Yeh
Hsiu-Chung Yeh2022Rare Events by Quantum Fluctuation: from Emptiness Formation to Quantum OptimizationAlex KamenevNew York University
Yahor Savich
Yahor Savich2021 Alex KamenevCenter for Systems Biology Dresden
Hanteng Wang
Hanteng Wang2021Interplay between disorder and interactions: from non-Fermi liquid superconductivity to iterative quantum optimizationAlex KamenevShanghai Jiao Tong University
Yiming Wu
Yiming Wu2021Effect of lattice mismatch strain on Fe8N-Fe16N2 phase transformation and aging process.Andrey ChubukovStanford University


ImageNameGraduatedDissertationAdvisorCurrent Affiliation
Yuting Wang
Yuting Wang2020Finite Size Scaling Around One Dimensional Topological Quantum Phase TransitionsAlex KamenevWells Fargo
Xuzhe Ying
Xuzhe Ying2020Symmetry Protected Topological Metals and the Transport SignatureAlex KamenevHong Kong University of Science and Technology
Michael Sammon
Michael Sammon2019Electronic Properties of Oxide and Semiconductor HeterostructuresBoris ShklovskiiEeroQ Quantum Hardware
Ruiqi Xing
Richard "Ruiqi" Xing2019Charge order, Magnetism and Superconductivity In Iron-Based Superconductors And Their InterplayAndrey ChubukovOccudo Quantatitive Strategies
Dr. Mengxing Ye
Mengxing Ye2019Magnetism in correlated electron systemsAndrey ChubukovUniversity of Utah
Michael Janas
Michael Janas2018Applications of Semiclassical Theory in Statistical and Quantum MechanicsAlex KamenevUniversity of Minnesota
Dr. Han Fu
Han Fu2017Electron transport in SrTiO$_3$ accumulation layers and semiconductor nanocrystal filmsBoris ShklovskiiWilliam & Mary
 Sergey Monin2017Abelian and non-Abelian strings Mikhail ShifmanImpulse Company
 Jiaming Zheng2017Dark Matter Models in Non-Supersymmetric SO(10) Unification ModelsKeith OliveShanghai Jiaotong University, INPAC
Jin Chen
Jin Chen2016Topics in Two-dimensional Heterotic and Minimal Supersymmetric Sigma ModelsArkady VanshteinXiamen University (XMU)
Marcos Garcia Garcia
Marcos Garcia Garcia2016No-Scale InflationKeith OliveInstituto de Física of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Ivan Gordeli
Ivan Gordeliy2016Singlet Glueballs In Klebanov-Strassler TheoryArkady VainshteinEDHEC Business School
Tobias Gulden
Tobias Gulden2016Alex KamenevTNG Technology Consulting
Alberto Hinojosa
Alberto Hinojosa Alvarado2016Sign-changing s-wave symmetry in iron-based superconductors: Manifestations and extensions Andrey ChubukovIntel Corporation
Adam Peterson
Adam Peterson2016Low energy dynamics of non-perturbative structures in high energy and condensed matter systemsMikhail ShifmanBerkeley Lab
Xin Li
Xin Li2015Phenomenology of Hadrons Containing Heavy QuarksMikhail VoloshinMorgan Stanley
Tianran Chen
Tianran Chen2014Disorder effects on electron transport in nanocrystal assemblies and topological insulatorsBoris ShklovskiiWest Chester University
Michael Schecter
Michael Schecter2014Dynamics of mobile impurities in one-dimensional quantum liquidsAlex Kamenev Quantinuum
 Thomas Dunn2013Dynamics and performance optimization of spin-torque switching in magnetic tunnel junctionsAlex KamenevSeagate Technology
Erik Aver
Erik Aver2012Self-consistent helium abundance determinations using Markov Chain Monte CarloKeith Olive, Evan Skillman (MIfA)Gonzaga University
Xiaoyi Cui
Xiaoyi Cui2012Perturbative and nonperturbative aspects of heterotic sigma modelsMikhail ShifmanSun Yat-Sen University
Peter Koroteev headshot
Peter Koroteev2012On extended supersymmetry in two and four dimensionsArkady VainshteinUniversity of California, Berkeley
Feng Luo
Feng Luo2012The effects of supersymmetric particle decays and annihilations on big-bang nucleosynthesisKeith OliveSun Yat-Sen University
 Serkay Olmez2012Critical Vortices in 2+1 dimensions and stochastic background of gravitational waves from cosmic strings.Mikhail ShifmanSeagate Technology
Matthew Loth
Matthew Loth2011Large enhancement of capacitance driven by electrostatic image forces.Boris ShklovskiiUniversity of Minnesota
 Matthew Parker2011Noise-induced large fluctuations in oscillatory population systems.Alex KamenevOptum
Brian Skinner
Brian Skinner2011Microscopic theory of supercapacitorsBoris ShklovskiiOhio State University

Graduates from 1996-2010

Name Year Advisor Current Affiliation Dissertation
Alexander Monin 2010 Mikhail Voloshin École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne Effects of extra degrees of freedom on decay rate of metastable topological objects
Sergiy Dubynskiy 2009 Mikhail Voloshin Microsoft Strong dynamics near open heavy flavor thresholds, hadronic molecules and hadroquarkonium.
Oleksandr Levchenko 2009 Alex Kamenev University of Wisconsin, Madison Transport properties of low-dimensional mesoscopic conductors: interplay of disorder, interaction and fluctuation effects
Maribel Nunez Valdez 2009 Arkady Vainshtein Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main; Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Structural and Elastic Properties of Fe-Bearing Mg2SiO4 Polymorphs at High Pressures and Temperatures: A First-Principles Study
Tao Hu 2008 Boris Shklovskii Kroger How proteins search for their targets on DNA.
Pearl Sandick 2008 Keith Olive University of Utah Gut-less Supersymmetry
Robert Wellington 2008 Keith Olive Normandale Community College  
Dmitri Ryzhikh 2006 Mikhail Shifman Homesite Insurance  
Vladislav Elgart 2006 Alex Kamenev Brigham and Women's Hospital Rare Events and Phase Transitions in Reaction-Diffusion Systems
Jingshan Zhang 2006 Boris Shklovskii Zhejiang University Conductance of Water-filled Ion Channel and Nanopores
Seokcheon Lee 2005 Keith Olive Sungkyunkwan University Phenomena of Quintessence Models
Soo-hyeon Nam 2005 Mikhail Voloshin Korea University Radiative Correction, Mixing, and CP Violation in the B Meson System
Chushun Tian 2005 Anatoly Larkin ITP, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ehrenfest Time in Weak Anderson Localization and Dynamical Localization
Rui Zhang 2005 Boris Shklovskii Northeastern State University Self-assembly of Charged Macroions
Hassib Amini 2003 Arkady Vainshtein Seagate Technology Higgs Bosons in Minimal Supersymmetric Models with an Augmented Gauge Group
Xinrui Hou 2003 Mikhail Shifman Nankai University Topological Defects in Supersymmetric Field Theory
Victor Galitski 2002 Anatoly Larkin University of Maryland Fluctuation Phenomena in Superconductors at Low Temperatures
Toan Nguyen 2002 Boris Shklovskii Vietnam National University Correlation Theory of Charge Inversion
Alexei Kaminski 2001 Leonid Glazman Morgan Stanley Interaction Effects in Mesoscopic Electron Systems
Andrew Ferstl 2000 Keith Olive Winona State The Effect of CP-violating Factors on the Neutralino Cross Section
Boris Chibisov 1998 Mikhail Shifman Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Domain Walls in Supersymmetric Theories
Alexei Koulakov 1998 Boris Shklovskii Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Static and Dynamic Properties of Small Particles
R. David Dikeman 1997 Mikhail Shifman Lockheed Martin The Semileptonic Lifetime of the D Meson
Mikhail Fogler 1997 Boris Shklovskii University of California, San Diego Quantum Hall Effect In Weak Magnetic Fields
Jamal Jalilian-Marian 1997 Larry McLerran Baruch College What is Big in Small x Physics?
Alexander Rudin 1997 Leonid Glazman State Street Global Advisors Zero-bias Anomaly in Tunneling into the Two-dimensional Electron Liquid
Sean Scully 1997 Keith Olive James Madison University The origin and evolution of the light elements D and (3)He
Igor Aleiner 1996 Leonid Glazman Columbia University Classical and Semiclassical Effects in Low-dimensional Systems
Richard Madden 1996 Keith Olive   Branch Changing in String Cosmology