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Olivefest: Astroparticle Physics Looking Forward

Organizing Committee

Tony Gherghetta, University of Minnesota

Marco Peloso, University of Minnesota

Mikhail Shifman, FTPI, University of Minnesota

Evan Skillman, MIfA, University of Minnesota

Arkady Vainshtein, FTPI, University of Minnesota

Mikhail Voloshin, FTPI, University of Minnesota


Howie Baer (University of Oklahoma);   Michael Barnett (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory);   Emilian Dudas (Ecole Polytechnique);   John Ellis (Kings College London);   Jason Evans (Korea Institute for Advanced Study);   Alon Faraggi (University of Liverpool);   Brian D. Fields (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign);   Katherine Freese (University of Michigan);   Marcos Garcia Garcia (Rice University);   Sven Heinemeyer (IFT/IFCA (CSIC));   Masahiro Ibe (IPMU);   Kimmo Kainulained (University of Jyvaskyla);   Renata Kallosh (Stanford University);   Nemanja Kaloper (University of California, Davis);   Rocky Kolb (University of Chicago);   Andrei Linde (Stanford University);   Feng Luo (IPMU);   Yann Mambrini (Universite Paris-Sud);   Grant Mathews (Notre Dame University);   Carlos Munoz (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid);   Natsumi Nagata (University of Tokyo);   Dmitri Nanopoulos (Texas A&M University);   Kin-Wang Ng (Academia Sinica);   Maxim Pospelov (University of Victoria);   Stefano Profumo (University of California, Santa Cruz);   Pierre Salati (LAPth & Universitat Savoie Mont Blanc);   Pearl Sandick (University of Utah);   Joe Silk (Johns Hopkins University);   Evan Skillman (University of Minnesota);   Vassilis Spanos (University of Athens);   Mark Srednicki (University of California, Santa Barbara);   Jean-Philippe Uzan (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris);   Elisabeth Vangioni (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)


Cowles Auditorium

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

8:45 am:      Registration Opens

8:55 am: Welcome and Opening Remarks

Session Chair: Tony Ghergetta

9:00 am: Mark Srednicki (University of California, Santa Barbara): Dark Matter: A Historical Perspective

9:30 am: Howie Baer (University of Oklahoma): What Does it Take to Discover or Falsify Weak Scale SUSY?

10:00 am: Pearl Sandick (University of Utah): A Galaxy and It's Dark Matter Profile: A Story of Enhanced Annihilations

10:30 am:      Coffee Break

Session Chair: Joel Giedt

11:00 am: Carlos Munoz (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid): On a Reinterpretation of the Higgs Field in Supersymmetry and a Proposal for New Quarks

11:30 am: Natsumi Nagata (University of Tokyo): Probing Metastable Gluinos at the LHC

12:00 pm:      Lunch Break - On Your Own

Session Chair: Sean Scully

2:00 pm: Brian D. Fields (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign): A Bitter Pill? The Primordial Lithium Problem

2:30 pm: Maxim Pospelov (University of Victoria): Light Particle Solutions to the Lithium Problem in Cosmology

3:00 pm: Jean-Philippe Uzan (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris): Gravitation: Constants, a Wall, and Some Waves

3:30 pm:      Coffee Break

Session Chair: Tonnis ter Veldhuis

4:00 pm: Alon Faraggi (University of Liverpool): Dark Olives (and other Middle Eastern Delights)

4:30 pm: Michael Barnett (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory): Bringing Astrophysics and Cosmology to the Particle Data Book

5:00 pm: Kimmo Kainulainen (University of Jyvaskyla): Baryogenesis from Dark Sector

Workshop Ends for the Day

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Session Chair: Bruce Campbell

9:00 am: John Ellis (Kings College London): Keith's Dark Side (and some others)

9:30 am: Sven Heinemeyer (IFT/IFCA (CSIC)): Preferred DM Scenarios in SUSY Theories

10:00 am: Feng Luo (IPMU): QCD Bound-state Effect on Dark Matter Relic Abundance

10:30 am:      Coffee Break

Session Chair: Osamu Seto

11:00 am: Dmitri Nanopoulos (Texas A&M University): Keith Inflated

11:30 am: Marcos Garcia Garcia (Rice University): Toward a Stochastic Description of Reheating

12:00 pm: Rocky Kolb (University of Chicago): Particle Creation in the Expanding Universe

12:30 pm:      Lunch Break - On Your Own

Session Chair: Alain Coc

2:00 pm: Joe Silk (Johns Hopkins University): The Limits of Cosmology

2:30 pm: Elisabeth Vangioni (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris): From Local Chemical Evolution to Cosmic Chemical Evolution

3:00 pm: Evan Skillman (University of Minnesota): Observational Constraints on the Primordial Helium Abundance

3:30 pm:      Coffee Break

Session Chair: Keith Dienes

4:00 pm: Renata Kallosh (Stanford University): Alpha-attractors and B-mode targets

4:30 pm: Emilian Dudas (Ecole Polytechnique): Protection of Scalar Masses from Higher Dimensions

Workshop Ends for the Day

Banquet for workshop participants at Vic's

6:30 pm:      Reception

7:00 pm:      Dinner

"Keith Pics" presentation by John Ellis after dinner

Friday, May 19, 2017

Session Chair: Kenji Kadota

9:00 am: Andrei Linde (Stanford University): Large Field Inflation: Recent Progress and Observational Predictions

9:30 am: Jason Evans (Korea Institute for Advanced Study): Low-Scale D-term Inflation and the Relaxion

10:00 am: Kin-Wang Ng (Academia Sinica): Ultra-light Axion Dark Matter and CMB B-mode Polarization

10:30 am:      Coffee Break

Session Chair: Lauren Pearce

11:00 am: Stefano Profumo (University of California, Santa Cruz): Astrophysical Searches for Dark Matter: A Status Report

11:30 am: Vassilis Spanos (University of Athens): Gravitino Dark Matter

12:00 pm: Yann Mambrini (Universite Paris-Sud): A Minimal Model of Gravitino Dark Matter

12:30 pm:      Lunch Break - On Your Own

Session Chair: Andrew Ferstl

2:00 pm: Grant Mathews (Notre Dame University): Constraints on Superstrings, Inflation, and Extra Dimensions from the CMB and Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

2:30 pm: Katherine Freese (University of Michigan): Dark Stars: Dark Matter Annihilation Can Power the First Stars

3:00 pm: Pierre Salati (LAPth & Universitat Savoie Mont Blanc): Antimatter Cosmic Rays: Recent Results with the Semi-analytic Approach

3:30 pm:      Coffee Break

Session Chair: Marco Peloso

4:00 pm: Masahiro Ibe (IPMU): Dark Matter Candidates in a Heavy QCD Axion Model

4:30 pm: Nemanja Kaloper (University of California, Davis): 4 π in the Sky

Sent but not presented: Friedrich-Karl Thielemann (University of Basel): Stellar Explosions, Galactic Evolution, and my Encounters with Keith

Workshop Ends

Thank you for Participating


Howie Baer;   Argha Banerjee;   Michael Barnett;   Alberto Benvenuti;   Yusuf Buyukdag;   Bruce Campbell;   Alain Coc;   Daniel Cronin-Hennessy;   Priscilla Cushman;   Aritra De;   Keith Dienes;   Emilian Dudas;   John Ellis;   Sebastian Ellis;   Jason Evans;   Toby Falk;   Alon Faraggi;   Andrew Ferstl;   Brian D. Fields;   Katherine Freese;   Marcos Garcia Garcia;   Tony Gherghetta;   Joel Giedt;   Alex Gilman;   Shaul Hanany;   Sven Heinemeyer;   Masahiro Ibe;   Tom Jones;   Kenji Kadota;   Kimmo Kainulainen;   Renata Kallosh;   Nemanja Kaloper;   Sung Kyu Kim;   Rocky Kolb;   Yevhen Kurianovych;   Andrei Linde;   Feng Luo;   Rafid Mahbub;   Yann Mambrini;   Grant Mathews;   Andrew Miller;   Carlos Munoz;   Azar Mustafayev;   Natsumi Nagata;   Dimitri Nanopoulos;   Kin-Wang Ng;   Joseph Olive;   Keith Olive;   Alexandros Papageorgiou;   Lauren Pearce;   Marco Peloso;   Maxim Pospelov;   Stefano Profumo;   Yong-Zhong Qian;   Konstantin Reich;   Serge Rudaz;   Roger Rusack;   Pierre Salati;   Pearl Sandick;   Daniel Schubring;   Sean Scully;   Osamu Seto;   Daniel Shaffer;   Joe Silk;   Evan Skillman;   Vassilis Spanos;   Mark Srednicki;   Tonnis ter Veldhuis;   Brooks Thomas;   Juan Tigre Lazo;   Caner Unal;   Jean-Philippe Uzan;   Arkady Vainshtein;   Elisabeth Vangioni;   Mikhail Voloshin;   Jake Waddington;   Jiaming Zheng


Andrei Linde, John Ellis, & Keith Olive

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