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What is mechanical engineering?

ME has a broad range of career opportunities such as energy, human health, environment, and transportation.

  • ME impacts solar energy, wind energy, engines, turbines, building energy (HVAC) systems, biofuels and fluid power.
  • ME comprises key team members designing biomedical systems and devices, handicap assists, artificial tissues, and new devices for diagnosing and treating diseases.
  • ME works to control health hazards attributable to particles in the atmosphere such as air pollution.
  • ME develops new vehicle technologies to increase driver safety and improve energy efficiency.

ME Undergraduate Tracks

Want to see some examples of coursework that would prepare you for your chosen industry? ME undergraduate tracks will help students take courses that focus on skills they need to develop to succeed in their desired career field. Current tracks include: Biosystems & Biodevices, The Built Environment, Energy Transition, Power & Propulsion, Product Design, and Robotics, with more to come. Each track is customized to the specific area of mechanical engineering that a student might want to specialize in. Learn more:


Studen in ME lab making adjustments to a machine

ME Areas of Research

Particle Technology

Combustion & Engines

Biosystems & Bioengineering

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Power

Materials & Mechanics


Sensing & Controls

Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer


Who Hires our Graduates?

Top 20 companies:
Andersen Corporation
Boston Scientific
Collins Aerospace
Daiken Applied
Flint Hills Resources
Ford Motor Company
PaR Systems
RFA Engineering

Female student working in ME lab

"I am proud to call myself #UMDriven because it places me in a community of intelligent, creative, and inspiring individuals that continually push me to reach my potential."

ME undergraduate Celia Gonzalez, President of She is ME

"I'm proud to be learning and growing as an engineer at the University of Minnesota, a community that values cultural diversity and creativity as much as I do."

ME undergraduate Jason Salseg, transfer student, ME Co-op participant

"I chose ME as a career change, as it matched my experience and passion. The professors helped ease my transition utilizing a wide variety of real-world events in their lessons. This, along with numerous student groups and workshops on campus, made it a truly fulfilling experience."

Javier Martinez, transfer student, ME Co-op participant