ME-Led Startups Win the 2020 MN Cup

Two ME-led startups won the 2020 MN Cup in their divisions — then took home the grand prize and runner-up awards!


2020 MN Cup Winner BlueCube Bio

The Minnesota Cup recognizes emerging entrepreneurs to help people with big ideas. ME professors Allison Hubel, Vinod Srinivasan, and Paul Strykowski led award-winning startups that competed against seven other Minnesota companies for the $50,000 MN Cup grand prize on September 22 — winning grand prize and runner-up.

Grand Prize — BlueCube Bio | Allison Hubel
BlueCube Bio, which won the LifeScience/Health/IT division, created the first-ever safe, non-toxic means for preserving biological cells used for cell therapy—a method that treats diseases including leukemia and melanoma. BlueCube Bio is an all-women 

Runner-Up — CounterFlow Technologies | Vinod Srinivasan and Paul Strykowski
CounterFlow Technologies, winner of the Energy/Cleantech/Water division, invented a new type of spray nozzle that operates more efficiently. The device could ultimately lead to big energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions in myriad industries.