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The Department of Mechanical Engineering is an active research hub at the forefront of developments in human health, the environment, robotics, manufacturing, energy, and more. Our faculty, researchers, and students work on everything from designing clean engines to curing cancer. Read about what ME is doing to change the world right here in Minnesota.

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Illustration of ovarian cancer cell encapsulation

New Publication on Isolation of Chemoresistant Cancer Cell Populations

Posted July 16, 2020

ME Professor Alptekin Aksan has a new paper on isolation of chemoresistant cancer cell populations using physical inhibition of proliferation.

Rendering of 3D printed heart pump

ME Professor and Postdoc 3D Print Functioning Human Heart Pump

Posted July 15, 2020

ME Professor Michael McAlpine and postdoc Kaiyan Qiu are part of a team that 3D printed a functioning human heart pump.

MNMasks graphic showing styles 1, 2, and 3

MSME Graduate Leads Volunteer Mask-Kit Assembly

Posted June 26, 2020

Laura Bartels earned her master's degree in engineering and helped assemble 500 kits for the MNMask project.

3D Printing a sensor on lungs

Groundbreaking New Research Allows 3D Printing Directly on Organs

Posted June 22, 2020

ME Professor Michael McAlpine is serving as senior researcher on a team that has developed a groundbreaking 3D printing technique to print electronic sensors directly on organs that are expanding and contracting.

Suo Yang

ME Assistant Professor Leads Research Team on Virus Transport in Respiratory Systems

Posted June 17, 2020

Suo Yang's team will investigate the transport of virus aerosols and nasal medicinal droplets in order to help develop effective treatments for COVID-19.

Jiarong Hong

Aerosol Research at the Center of Answering Questions About COVID-19 on Surfaces

Posted June 5, 2020

ME Associate Professor Jiarong Hong has been working to answer questions about how COVID-19 droplets survive on surfaces, finding that droplets do not disappear upon evaporation

M Health Fairvew testing booth for COVID-19 patients

ME Helps Design COVID-19 Testing Booth, Allowing for Twice as Many Tests Per Day

Posted May 8, 2020

The Hogan Group research team and ME staff built booths with positive pressure HEPA filtered air to allow healthcare workers to safely test COVID-19 patients without the need for PPE, which allows for twice as many tests per day.

Respiratory procedure box

New Protective Device for Healthcare Professionals

Posted April 29, 2020

ME Professor Chris Hogan is part of a research team that developed a respiratory procedure box that has been distributed to M Health Fairview hospitals.

MDC Coventor ventilator

"Coventor" Becomes First of Its Kind to Get FDA Approval

Posted April 29, 2020

The Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center, directed by ME Professor Arthur Erdman, helped create a low-cost ventilator alternative for emergency use curing the COVID-19 outbreak.

ME Professor James Van de Ven

ME Professor Wins Faculty Teaching Award

Posted April 29, 2020

Professor James Van de Ven received CSE's Bowers Teaching Award in recognition of his innovative and inspirational teaching.

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