MnRI Seminar: Shweta Gupta

Next Frontier in AI

Today, we have different technologies available that have become core to our ecosystem, such as the internet, wireless connectivity, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and different devices. These technologies are solving some of the biggest use cases, like mobility, e-commerce, marketing, driverless cars, cybersecurity, and so on. But now, with using all these technologies available, known as "technical convergence", what can we do next?  

The product is evolving from physical products (cars, mobile, electronics) to virtual products (Google, YouTube, Netflix). What is the next generation of products that we can build using AI? This talk will be having glimpses of future products that kindle your imagination of what is possible with AI. For example, can we build ecosystem-intelligence-centric products?

Finally, we will talk about what are the real-use cases that the world is waiting to be solved using AI. Because technology is only as good as its use-cases.

About Shweta Gupta
Shweta is a co-Founder, CTO, and Chief Data Scientist at ImagoAI, a food-tech startup providing AI-based food-quality analysis. Her start-up has won many international awards, such as TechCrunch Start-up BattleField, Berlin and is associated with many world-renowned organizations—TechStars, Microsoft, Google, and NVIDIA. Shweta’s work has resulted in several peer-reviewed scientific articles, publication in some of the most prestigious, high impact journals in the AI field. She has won multiple Best Data Scientist awards during her career. With more than a decade of experience in AI, she is passionate to build products using AI which can create a massive impact on the world.


Start date
Friday, Feb. 26, 2021, 2:30 p.m.