CanSat Team Competes in AAS Competition

The Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics CanSat team placed 31st overall in the American Astronautical Society (AAS) CanSat Competition. 

The AAS CanSat competition tasked the teams with designing, building, and flying a glider with sensors to measure air quality and atmospheric conditions after deploying the glider that from a rocket launched canister. The glider was required to fly a specific competition defined trajectory. The AEM team (Casey Carlson, Joseph Romfoe, Marcus Rios, Ethan Neubauer, and Noah Werden) followed a rigorous systems engineering process to develop their design. They were in the process of building the glider for flight testing when the pandemic hit. The organizers canceled the launch portion of the competition and decided the team scores would be based on the teams Preliminary Design Review and Critical Design Review presentations. The team made their CDR presentation in mid-May, and their presentation was highly regarded by the judges.

The virtual ceremony from the American Astronautical Society is available for viewing using this link. Scoring can be viewed on the CanSat website.

Congratulations to the team on their hard work!