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Aerospace engineers play a key role in the advancement of society, performing work that touches our lives in countless ways beyond aircraft and spacecraft design alone. 

With a stellar reputation and strong research focus that yields real-world breakthroughs, the University of Minnesota (UMN) Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) Department is the premier destination for transforming active learners into lifelong contributors.

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William Elke lll

William Elke lll is one of 19 to be Awarded NASA Fellowship

Ph.D. student, William Elke lll, was awarded the NASA Fellowship for his proposal titled, "Launch Vehicle Control Design on a Quadcopter Testbed."
Maziar Hemati

Professor Maziar Hemati Receives 2020 NSF Career Award

Professor Hemati is researching nonlinear flow interactions that will suppress laminar transition to turbulence and achieve drag reduction.