AEM ballooning students
Student with plane

Aerospace engineers play a key role in the advancement of society, performing work that touches our lives in countless ways beyond aircraft and spacecraft design alone. 

With a stellar reputation and strong research focus that yields real-world breakthroughs, the University of Minnesota (UMN) Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) Department is the premier destination for transforming active learners into lifelong contributors.

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SVP Eos ll Solar Car

The Solar Vehicle Project at UMN Gears up for Another Year

The University of Minnesota is kicking off another year and welcoming new members. The team is one of the most decorated in the country, and has competed in over 30 different solar car challenges.
Researcher working on UAV

Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Lab

The UAV research group develops and supports a world class, low cost, open-source avionics platform enabling research and education within the department and worldwide.