Undergraduate: Degree Requirements

Below is a typical four-year plan for a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (BAEM) candidate. Most courses are offered once a year.

Four-Year Plan

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Freshman Year

Fall semester

Spring Semester

MATH 1371 - CSE Calculus I (4 credits)

MATH 1372 - CSE Calculus II (4 credits)

CHEM 1061/65* - Chemical Principles I (4 credits)

PHYS 1301W - Introductory Physics I (4 credits)

Lib Ed - Biology with a lab (4 credits)

CSCI 1113 - Introduction to C/C++ Programming for Scientists & Engineers (4 credits)

WRIT 1301 - University Writing (4 credits)

Liberal Education Elective (3 credits)

*Required for acceptance to AEM Major program

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

MATH 2374* - CSE Multivariable Calculus & Vector Analysis (4 credits)

MATH 2373 - CSE Linear Algebra & Differential Equations (4 credits)

PHYS 1302W* - Introductory Physics II (4 credits)

AEM 2012 - Dynamics (3 credits)

AEM 2011* - Statics (3 credits)

AEM 2301 - Mechanics of Flight** (3 credits)

MATS 2001 - Introduction to the Science of Engineering Materials (3 credits)

PHYS 2303 - Introductory Physics III (4 credits)


Liberal Education Elective (3 credits)

*Required for acceptance to AEM Major program

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

AEM 4201 - Fluid Mechanics (4 credits)

AEM 4202 - Aerodynamics (4 credits)

AEM 3031 - Deformable Body Mechanics (3 credits)

AEM 4501 - Aerospace Structures (3 credits)

AEM 3101 - Mathematical Modeling & Simulation in Aerospace Engineering (2 credits)

AEM 4301 - Orbital Mechanics** (3 credits)

EE 3005 - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (4 credits)

AEM 4601 - Instrumentation Laboratory (3 credits)

EE 3006 - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Laboratory (1 credits)

Liberal Education Elective (3 credits)

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

ME 3324 - Introduction to Thermal Science (3 credits)

AEM 4203 - Aerospace Propulsion (4 credits)

AEM 4331 - Aerospace Vehicle Design I (4 credits)

AEM 4303WI - Flight Dynamics and Control (3 credits)

AEM 4602WI - Aeromechanics Laboratory (4 credits)

Link to technical electives on Course pages (3 credits)

Link to technical electives on Course pages (3 credits)

Link to technical electives on Course pages (3 credits)

Liberal Education Elective (3 credits)


Liberal Education Requirements

Liberal Education coursework is integrated into your BAEM degree program, which includes the following:

  • Arts/Humanities, 3 credits

  • Biological Sciences, 4 credits  (must include lab or field experience)

  • Historical Perspectives, 3 credits

  • Literature, 3 credits

  • Social Sciences, 3 credits

Your CSE advisor can help you select classes that meet University requirements.

Writing Requirement

All students are expected to complete the first-year writing requirement (WRIT 1301, 1401, or equivalent) within their first two semesters of registration.

Four Writing Intensive (WI) courses are also required for graduation. Two of the four courses must be completed at the 3xxx or higher level, and one of the two upper-division courses must be within the BAEM program. Your advisor can help you select appropriate classes.

Technical Electives

The BAEM program requires three technical electives (nine credits total). Generally, the elective requirement is met by selecting non-required 3xxx, 4xxx, and 5xxx courses offered by Engineering Departments. Many courses from Mathematics or Science Departments are also acceptable. There are restrictions on electives, however, so please talk to your advisor about course selection before enrolling in a class.

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Transfer Students

Most AEM courses are offered once per each year. If you’re a transfer student, you should get in touch with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to review your coursework to date and develop a plan for completing the required coursework going forward.


Students minoring in Engineering, Math and Sciences can often use some of their courses as technical electives for the BAEM program.

The Department of Writing Studies also offers a Certificate in Technical Communication, which involves approximately half the course load of a minor.

Dual Bachelor’s Degrees

The University of Minnesota provides the option to earn two degrees simultaneously. If you’re considering this track with a BAEM and another degree, we strongly recommend that you should discuss your plans with the AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Here are some guidelines for pursuing a dual degree that includes a BAEM:

  • Although you must meet all the requirements for both degrees, requirements that the two degrees have in common need only be taken once.

  • Required courses for one degree can be used as technical electives for the other degree, provided they meet the technical elective requirements for that degree.

  • Due to significant program overlap, we do not recommend pairing a BAEM degree with a Mechanical Engineering degree.

  • Applications for a second (or higher) major are only accepted in the Fall by the College. Contact your CSE adviser in 105 Lind to apply.