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About AEM

The Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) Department at the University of Minnesota is proud to produce excellence in education, outreach, and innovative research.

Aerospace engineers play a major role in the technological advancement of our society — not only by designing aircraft and spacecraft, but through their visionary work in fields ranging from biomedicine to computing.

While emphasizing mechanics, our programs are designed to ensure that students are well grounded in the fundamentals of engineering to become exceptional contributors to an exciting and vital industry. Our alumni are currently pursuing rewarding careers in education, industry, and the military around the world, doing vital work that touches everything from scramjets and commercial aircraft to space-related missions at NASA.

Research Focus

AEM is deeply committed to immersing students in hands-on learning that connects academic projects to real-world challenges we face as a society, through rigorous and often groundbreaking research. All research is conducted in one of several state-of-the-art departmental facilities across campus, always in small groups and in close collaboration with a faculty member. We also frequently work in tandem with other leading universities, laboratories, and businesses.

Academic Excellence

Accredited in 1938, AEM is the descendant of one of the first ten accredited Aeronautical Engineering programs in the United States. Today, our department has 18 faculty members and four instructors that contribute to distinction in all areas of aerospace engineering and mechanics. Our programs are routinely at or near the top of national rankings lists from academia’s most esteemed publications.

Acclaimed, Accessible Faculty

AEM students thrive in a close-knit and highly supportive small community within a large, urban university environment. Our award-winning and internationally recognized faculty educate and advise approximately 330 undergraduate and 90 graduate students. These instructors get to know each student individually and pride themselves on their accessibility and responsiveness.

Commitment to Diversity

The Department  of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) supports  the University's  mission of diversity, inclusion and excellence.  AEM strives to provide a supportive educational and professional environment for scholars, students and staff. We believe that diversity in all of its forms is good and that a strong education improves the lives of individuals and fosters healthy, thriving communities. Collaboration among people of all cultures and backgrounds enhances our experience as scientists and contributes to excellence in teaching, learning, and research. We strive to promote a climate that celebrates our differences and strengthens our department by embracing and working to increase our diversity.

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