AEM Research Seminars

AEM Research Seminar

AEM Solid Mechanics Research Seminar

This is an informal seminar where the speaker reports on some new and interesting topic related to solid mechanics in some depth and the audience is strongly encouraged to ask questions. To learn about the topics or other news, add yourself to the mailing list for this seminar series or send an email to

Aerospace Systems Research Seminar

AEM 8400 Course Information seminar list unavailable currently. For more information, contact a faculty member on the Aerospace Systems Faculty list.

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory Research Seminar

Every two weeks during the academic year, SAFL hosts prominent figures in environmental science and fluid mechanics. These seminars are free and open to the public. 

AEM Undergraduate Webinar Series

The speakers are graduates of the AEM program and will talk about their time as aerospace engineering students, their current work, what it takes to succeed as an aerospace engineer, the current job market in their fields, the future of their respective industries, and more. More information on the 2023-24 series coming soon. Please check back for updates.