Degree Programs

Explore the requirements and other details for pursuing your advanced degree. AEM offers two options for graduate degrees: Master of Science, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics and Doctor of Philosophy, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics.

Master of Science (M.S.)

This program emphasizes coursework in the engineering sciences that is fundamental to this field: fluid mechanics, aerospace systems, and solid mechanics. It also includes optional coursework, in aerodynamics and aerospace systems, dynamical systems, materials properties, and fluid and solid behavior, all of which is inspired by and focused upon our faculty’s cutting-edge research.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. program requires approximately two years of coursework and is typically followed by another two to three years of thesis research. The first year’s coursework is similar to the M.S. program, and most Ph.D. students receive a master's degree. By the end of the first year, students identify a faculty research adviser.

The second year is devoted to more advanced coursework and beginning research. Subsequent years still include some coursework, but focus increasingly on research. The time required to complete a research project varies, but students who enter with a bachelor's degree usually finish the Ph.D. program within four to six years.

If you have any questions on the graduate program, feel free to contact Professor Elliott, Director of Graduate Studies or email us a