Fluid Mechanics

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Research in fluid mechanics at AEM encompasses a vast spectrum of problems ranging from atmospheric reentry at hypersonic speeds, particle transport in turbulent flows, fluid flow in biological systems, aeroacoustics and propeller crashback and cavitation. These problems are solved by considering the fundamental physics of fluid behavior and by using a range of experimental, computational and theoretical tools, with the goal of gaining a predictive understanding of the fluid behavior in diverse applications.

AEM graduate students with expertise in fluid mechanics have been extremely successful in careers in careers in academia, aerospace and defense industries, medical device companies, and national laboratories.

Renowned Research Faculty

AEM faculty members in Fluid Mechanics are known worldwide as leaders in the simulation and measurements of high speed, turbulent multi-phase flows.   AEM faculty with expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are known for their work on hypersonic flows, turbulent flows, high-performance computing and multi-scale simulations.  Faculty in experimental fluid mechanics faculty are known for their work on cutting-edge experimental methods to study fundamental fluid flows and particle laden flows, with specific interest in fluid flows with biological, atmospheric and environmental applications.  Individual faculty work closely with graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to build state-of-the-art computer codes and experimental facilities to do this work.

In addition, faculty in fluid mechanics teach an ample series of courses ranging from elementary fluid flow principles to advanced aspects of turbulent and compressible flows, as well as state-of-the-art experimental and computational methodologies.

Real-World Impact

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From hypersonic flight to weather prediction, from disease prevention to space exploration, the fluid mechanics research group tackles the most exciting and urgent challenges of our time. Our students work on cutting edge projects generously funded by governmental agencies and industrial partners, which launch them to successful careers as technology leaders and innovators.


Faculty in this Area

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