Luci Baker Accepts Silberman Award

Luci Baker, a Ph.D. Candidate under Professor Filippo Coletti in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, received the Silberman Award on November 19.

Baker received her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Minnesota. She has been researching with the department since she was an undergraduate in 2014.

The Edward Silberman Fellowship is an annual award that was established to honor Professor Edward Silberman, and provide fellowships to students in the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory for outstanding research. Baker received the award for her work in experimental investigation of inertial particles in turbulent shear flows. 

“The aim of my research is to study the interaction between fluid and inertial particles in turbulent shear flows and to investigate how the particle shape, size, buoyancy, and concentration affect the fluid-particle interaction. I use experiments to investigate the dynamics of both spherical and non-spherical particles in a turbulent boundary layer and in a natural stream environment (the Outdoor StreamLab at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory). This research will help us understand the behavior of sediment and microplastic particles in many natural and industrial environments.”