Bruker Nanoscope V Dimension ICON


  • Large sample SPM, handles up to 6-inch wafers on digitally motorized platter; alternatively accommodates many small samples positioned at digitally defined/recoverable locations (e.g., for back&forth tip check or measurements on reference sample such as modulus standard). Can use vacuum chuck or tape onto standard magnetic AFM sample disks (handle ~1x1 cm).
  • Excellent video access plus digital acquisition
  • Fully closed loop (XYZ) low-noise (<20 pm rms Z) scanner, (100 x 100 x 12 µm); ambient. (Largest Z range scanner in CharFac.)
  • Software Nanoscope 9.7 providing up to 8 data acquisition channels for imaging, 3 channels in spectroscopy (force curves, etc.). 
  • Fast force volume and PeakForce QNM for adhesion, stiffness, dissipation, indentation, modulus and other “higher order” images; optional full data cube acquisition in peak force (force volume data type in both cases); up to 4 kHz Z cycling
  • Lift-mode based electromagnetic imaging with mV-regime transducer sensitivity. Includes: (i) EFM (under bias, sense electrostatic force gradient) and MFM (use magnetized tip, sense magnetic force gradient) via either raw phase or frequency shift (phase-shift-nulling feedback on variable frequency); and (ii) KFM (Kelvin probe, meaning surface potential via amplitude-nulling feedback on variable tip bias)
  • Acoustic and through-solid vibration isolation chamber.
  • 3 lock-in amplifiers, Q control, contact resonance


  • Front panel BNC’s on Nano V controller
  • Cryo-microtome for cross sectioning samples.  Double-D clamp for mounting faced samples for AFM (minimal vertical clearance for Multimode, must microtome to <1mm extending stub). (Optional floating of thin-section samples onto flat substrates.)

Compatible with: