PI 88 PicoIndentor, which is used inside of the dual beam FIB/SEM.

Some of its specific features include:

  • characterization across a range of temperatures and strain rates coupled with direct observation in the SEM
  • nanoindentation, pillar/particle compression, microbeam bending, tensile testing, nanoscratch, fatigue
  • up to 800°C measurements
  • interchangeable low load transducer (10 mN/5 µm) and extended range transducer (500 mN/150 µm) for studying size-dependent properties from tens of nm’s to tens of µm’s
  • nanoscratch: real-time observation of wear mechanisms
  • fatigue studies such as crack nucleation and propagation
  • 78 kHz digital feedback routine and a high data acquisition rate up to 39 kHz, enabling characterization of fast transients