Scientific Staff

Scientific experts manage instruments & ancillaries in the Characterization Facility, develop capabilities, provide services (analysis, training, assistance), and formally collaborate with users, when necessary.

Please contact the following staff members with specific technical inquiries (including price quotes when needed). The order of techniques is according to staff member's emphasis:

Picture of Javier Garcia Barriocanal
X-ray Scattering (high angular resol., thin film)
Mauricio De Leo photo
Nanomechanical testing (Hysitron TI980)
Greg Haugstad photo
Scanning probe microscopy (+IR), Ion beam analysis (RBS/PIXE/etc)
Picture of Hanseung Lee
Scanning electron microscopy (+cryo)
1-238 Nils Hasselmo Hall
Betty Liu
Spectroscopic ellipsometry
Bing Luo headshot
XPS/ESCA, Raman/FTIR, microtensiometry
Jen Mitchell photo
Electron Microprobe Laboratory Manager, Characterization Facility
S-104 John T. Tate Hall
Michael Odlyzko headshot
Transmission Electron Microscopy
Geoffrey Rojas headshot
X-ray scattering, UPS, scanning probe microscopy (STM/KFM)
Nick Seaton sitting, posing next to microscope
Focused ion beam, scanning electron microscopy (EDS/EBSD)
Guichuan Yu headshot
Data analysis support, imaging analyst and consultant
Picture of Wei Zhang
High-res transmission electron microscopy (soft/bio, cryo, 3D)
1-236 Nils Hasselmo Hall
Picture of Fang Zhou
TEM Specialist, (Microtomy (cryo), bio specimen prep, TEM (bio), SEM)
1-232 Nils Hasselmo Hall