CSE Labs: Print From a CSE Lab Computer

College of Science and Engineering (CSE) students, staff, and instructors with active CSE Labs accounts are able to print from any CSE Labs computer.

Printing From a CSE Lab Computer

  1. On a CSE Labs computer, print as you normally would.
  2. Select the black & white (CSE_BW_Printer) or color printer (CSE_Color_Printer), depending on your needs.
  3. Find the lab's Print Release Station (located near printers)
  4. Swipe your U Card with the magnetic-stripe facing out.  
    • If it says ERROR: LOW BALANCE, that means your U Card has an insufficient amount of CSE print allowance or Gopher GOLD.
    • Once you've used your printing allowance, add Gopher GOLD to continue printing.
  5. Select your print job
  6. If prompted, enter the password you created.
  7. Click Print. Your print job will print.

If you encounter a problem when printing a PDF, see troubleshooting Print Problems with PDFs.

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 10 cents per single or double-sided, black & white page in CSE Labs.

 20 cents per single or double-sided, color page in CSE Labs.

Print Locations

Black & White Printing

Color Printing