ME Departmental Seminar

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Departmental Seminars are held on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00 pm on Zoom. Please join us!

Fall 2020 Schedule

Fall 2020 ME Departmental Seminar schedule
September 9 Sungyon Lee
University of Minnesota
Interfaces: Wind, Droplets, and Particles WATCH Mantell
September 16 Bulent Sarlioglu
University of Wisconsin-Madison
A Novel Integrated Electric Motor-Compressor Design with Integrated Airfoil Shaped Rotor   Stelson
September 23  Sparrow Memorial Lecture
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  WATCH Simon
September 30 Tadd Truscott
Utah State University
Reducing the Forces of Water Entry and Playing with Elastomeric Spheres WATCH Shen
October 7 Blake Johnson
Virginia Tech
High-Throughput Characterization for Combinatorial Hydrogel Processing and Additive Biomanufacturing   McAlpine
October 14 Torben Andersen
Aalborg University
Digital Displacement Units and Linear Pump Controlled Drives WATCH Li
October 21 Rahul Panat
Carnegie Mellon University
Microdroplet-based 3D Nanoparticle Printing: Enabling Next Generation Brain-Computer Interfaces, Sensors, and Li-ion Batteries  


October 28 Michael Pettes
Los Alamos National Lab
Emergent Phenomena in van der Waals Materials: Advancements in Characterization   Wang
November 4 Marcelo Chamecki
Material Transport in the Ocean Mixed Layer: Recent Developments Enabled by Large Eddy Simulations   Hong
November 11 Elaine S. Oran
Texas A&M University
November 18 Shalabh Maroo
Syracuse University
Experiments, CFD and Molecular Simulations Towards Understanding Evaporation Dynamics in Nanochannels and in Pool Boiling   Srinivasan
December 2 Donatello Materassi
University of Minnesota