ME Departmental Seminar

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Departmental Seminars are held on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00pm. Please join us!

Spring 2023 Schedule

January 18 Samuel Grauer
Penn State University
Reconstructing Flow Fields from Particle Tracks via Physics-informed Advection WATCH Jiarong Hong
January 25 Fabien Tholin
Plasma Modeling for Aerospace Applications WATCH Marien Simeni & Suo Yang
February 1 James Bird
Boston University 
Particulate Enrichment in Aerosols from Bursting Bubbles WATCH Lian Shen
February 8 Ken Hara 
Stanford University 
Physics-based and Data-driven Models of Partially Ionized Plasmas WATCH Suo Yang
February 15 Paul Desjardin
University of Buffalo
Physics-based and Data-driven Models of Partially Ionized Plasmas WATCH Sayan Biswas
February 22 Eleni Katifori
University of Pennsylvania
Design Principles for Networked Flow Systems WATCH Jeff Tithof
March 1 Rachel Gehlhar
Model-Based Lower-Limb Powered Prosthesis Control: From Theory to Experiment WATCH Will Durfee
March 8 Spring Break
No Seminar 
March 15 Audeen Fentiman
Purdue University
Succeeding as an Engineering Professor – An Unusual Course   Sayan Biwas
March 22 Ramathasan Thevamaran
University of Wisconsin-Madison
An Ally in Dissipation: From Effective Impact Mitigation to Enhanced Actuation through Engineered Dissipation   Kumar Tamma
March 29 Mathias Kolle
Manipulating Light and Color with Soft and Structured Matter   Traian Dumitrica
April 12 Sivanandan Harilal
Northwest National Lab 
Optical Spectroscopy of Laser-Produced Plasmas — Nuclear Nonproliferation Applications   Marien Simeni
April 19 Lucy Zhang 
Non-intrusive Coupling Strategies for Multiphysics Simulations & NSF Funding Opportunities for Mechanics Research Community   Traian Dumitrica
April 26 Matteo Pasquali
Rice University
    Traian Dumitrica

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