Summer Program 2016

The Midwest Nano Infrastructure Corridor hosted our first annual 2D Materials Summer Program on June 6 - 7, 2016.

Video of the seminar sessions from June 6 can be found below. The program bulletin is also available.

Stephen Campbell, University of Minnesota

2D Material Growth
Siddharth Rajan, Ohio State University

2D Material Electronics
Wendy Zhu, University of Illinois

Electrical and Thermal Transport in 2D Materials and Devices
Eric Pop, Stanford University

2D Material Mechanics
Scott Bunch, Boston University

2D Transport Theory
Enrico Rossi, College of William & Mary

2D Electronics Modeling
Daniel Gunlycke, Naval Research Laboratory

2D Material Plasmonics
Donhee Ham, Harvard University

No video available.

2D Nanophotonics Modeling
Tony Low, University of Minnesota