Graduation and Beyond

Graduation and Beyond

Guidance for commencement, choosing a graduate school, and career placement.

Review your APAS Report and apply to graduate

You should review your Academic Progress Audit System (APAS) Report for any discrepancies or errors every three to six months up until you plan to graduate. This report is used by the University to determine if you have met your degree requirements and are eligible to graduate. If you see an inaccuracy on your APAS report, please contact the AEM Director of Undergraduate Studies for assistance.

The University’s OneStop website offers a checklist and resources to help you navigate the process of applying to graduate. Please remember that you need to apply for graduation very early in the term in which you plan to graduate.

CSE Undergraduate Commencement:  Make sure you sign up to attend

You many attend CSE Commencement once near the end of your degree. This does not have to be in the term that you are completing your degree, but you do have to have already applied to Graduate (steps outlined above) before you can sign up. See the CSE Commencement Page for detailed information.

Please note that commencement is by college, so if you are getting a degree from another college at UMN, you should contact the college to learn its commencement ceremony date and avoid scheduling conflicts.

AEM Graduate Hats

AEM Graduation Reception

AEM hosts a reception for graduating students and their families prior to the CSE graduation ceremony. Invitations and information about the reception will be emailed to students in early April.

Job Search Resources

The College of Science and Engineering Career Centeroffers resources, workshops, career fairs, and counseling for CSE students and alumni seeking internships or permanent employment.

AEM specific job listings can be found on our employmentpage.

AIAA Career Center also offers frequent career development workshops throughout the year.

Graduate School Placement

The CSE Career Center helps undergraduate students evaluate their options for graduate studies. The AEM Director of Graduate Studies will be happy to meet with you and discuss your options for continuing at UMN.

AEM Graduates