Asst Prof Caverly Interviewed on Cornell's Spaceflight Mechanics Podcast

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL (02/07/2024) — Professor Ryan Caverly was recently featured on an episode of "Spaceflight Mechanics: The Cornell Space Technology Podcast" hosted by Professors Mason Peck and Elaine Petro from Cornell University. This podcast features conversations with experts in space technology about where we are now and where we are going.

In the episode titled "The Wind from the Sun," Prof. Caverly describes the concept of using solar sails for propulsion in space and how his recent NASA-funded research on solar sail attitude control technology, known as CABLESSail, attempts to address the challenges of operating solar sails in space. He also describes fundamental concepts in spacecraft attitude control, as well as the professional journey that has afforded him the opportunity to develop space technology. To listen to the full podcast interview, visit the episode page.

More information on Prof. Caverly's research, the Aerospace, Robotics, Dynamics, and Control (ARDC) Lab, and the CABLESSail solar sail project can be found on his lab's website.