Ketema promoted to Professor

Yohannes Ketema has recently been promoted to the rank of professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM). Ketema, who had served as the Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate professor in AEM will take up the appointment with the start of Fall 2022 semester.

Professor Ketema's research broadly focuses in the area of dynamics. He has studied the dynamics of active materials such as shape memory alloys, especially regarding their use for the purpose of vibration damping and control. Professor Ketema has also done research in optimal trajectory generation for unmanned aerial vehicles, dynamics and stability of formations, orbital mechanics, and the mechanics of human walking. In particular, current research topics include optimal transfers between relative orbits of space vehicles, and the use of kinetic models of human gait for step-size determination for use in pedestrian navigation systems and related applications. 

Please join the department in congratulating Professor Ketema. The department looks forward to his continued success.


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